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Logic Of Lobbying
People who want to influence the decisions of the government
Positives Government sees in lobbying
Provides technical and political information. How is government going to know old people want prescription drugs if they don't ask?
Madison;s Federalist 10
Does not like factions, but they must be tolerated
Solution to dilemma
Social and institutional puralism
David Truman's : The GOvernmental Process
Defense of the legitimates role of interst groups
American Political system was particularly conducive to pluralist politics
Problem of Collective Action
Incentives for collectie action and the barriers to organization vary across different types of groups
Mancur Oldson: The Logic of Collective Action (1965)
Someone has to organize the group and find the resources
Problems like free riding must be over come
Why have interest groups proliferated?
Increases in affluence and education of the middle class.
Tech advances
Encouragment of government
What do interest groups do??
Try to survive on small contributions
Most focus on the issues tht continue to generate contributions
Influencing governmental policy
Insider Tactics: Interest Groups
group hires a high powered lobbyist to go talk to members of congress
Outsider tactics
Public Demonstrations, Call, Write in
Tactical Choices: Which to choose?
Small: hire a lobbyist
Large: write letters
Activities of Interest Groups
The courts: litigation, friend of the court briefs, lobby on judicial appointments
Electoral politics: PACS, FECA, $$$$$, growth,
Two main worries about interest groups
Biased...dominated by wealthy corporations and affluent individuals
Private interests dominate policy areas
Another main worry
Elected officials are in a powerful position with regard to interest groups
Control access
Have key information that interest groups need
Pick and choose which groups to support