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An executive branch in which power and policy implementation are divided among several executive agencies rather than centralized under one person; the governor does not get to ppoint most agency heads.
Plural executive
The constitutional declaration that the lieutenant governor succeeds to the governorship of there is a vacancy
The governor in his or her role as the official head representing the state fo Texas in its relationships with the national gov., other states, and foreign dignitaries.
Chief of state
The governor, as the top official of te executive branch of the Texas state government
Chief executive officer
The governor in his or her role as head of the state militia
Commander in chief
The governor, who is charged with preparing the state budget proposal for the legislature
chief budget officer
The governor's authority to reduce the legnth of a person's prison sentence.
Message that the governor delivers to the legislature, pronouncing policy goals, budget priorities, and authorizations for the legislature to act.
Governor's message
A process by which a governor, when selecting an appointee, defers to the state senator in whose district the nominee resides
senatorial courtesy
Higher and lower numbers, respectively, than would be expected from a group in comparison with that group's numbers in the general population
overrepresentation and underrepresentation
The elected offical who is the chief counsel for the state of Texas
attorney general
The elected official who is the state's tax collector.
Comptroller of public accounts
The elected official responsible for managing and leasing the state's property, including oil, gas, and mineral interests
Land commissioner
The elected state offical in charge of regulating and promoting agriculture.
Agriculture commissioner
Terms of office for members of boards and commissions that begin and end at different times, so thta a governor is a majority of the body for a long time
Staggered terms
A full-time, three-memebr paid commission elected bythe people to regulate oil and gas and some transportation entities
Railroad commission
The fifteen-member elected body that sets some education policy for the state and has limited authority to oversee the Texas Education Agency and local school districts.
State Board of Education
The state agency that oversees local school districts and disburses state funds to districts.
Texas Education Agency
A statute containing Texas's rule-making process
Administrative Procedures Act
The state official appointed by the governor to be the keeper of the state's records, such as state laws, election data and filings, public notifacations, and corporate characters.
Texas secretary of state
A full-time, three-memeber paid commission appointed by the governor to regulate public utilities in Texas
Public Utility Commission
A government commission recieving petitions from companies or individuals, hearing evidence in a hearing similar to a judicial proceeding, and ruling on the petition.
A full-time, three-memebr paid commission appointed by the governor to adminsiter the state's enviornmental programs. (Formerly the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission)
Texas Commission on Enviornmental Quality
The official appointed by the governor to direct the Department of Insurance and regulate the insurance industry
insurance commissioner
The official appointed by the governor to oversee the state's multi-agency healthand human service programs
executive commissioner fo health and human services commission
A government regulatory agency that consistently makes decisions favorable to the private interests that it regulates.
captutred agency
Officials appointed by the governor to represent the public before regulatory agencies.
Public councels
A law that sets a date for a program or regularization to expire unless reauthorized by the legislature
sunset law
A term used for policies that open up agencies to public participation and scrutiny and that minimize conflicts of interest.
good government
A unit of measurement for number of employees
Full-time equivalent (FTE)
AN exchange of personnel between private interests and public regulators.
revloving door
AN exchange of personnel between private interests and public regulators.
revloving door