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reserved powers
powers granted only to the state: such as
issuing lisecence and permits
hold local elections
delegated powers
powers granted to only to the federal govt. such as
powert odeclare war
forgeign trade
creation of currency
regulate interstate commerce
concurrent powers
powers that both the state and natl' govt. havesuch as
power to tax
make laws
enforce laws
establish courts
when a fugitive flees from justice in a State, then that fufitive is returned to that state
full faith and credit clause
respecting the validity of official documents between states
a system of govt. in which a written constitution divedes the posers of govt. on a territorial basis
executive agreement
a pact made by the president directly with the head of a foreign state
informal amendment
the process by which many changes have been made in the constitution that have not changed the words
Bill of Rights
the first 10 amendments
formal amendment
changes/addtitions that become part of the writen language of the constitution
changes in its own words
bascially illegal
judicial review
power to decide whether what govt does is in accord with what the constitution provides...makes sure everything correlates with constitution
checks and balances
each branch has limits that is checked by the other two branches
seperation of powers
the distrobution of pwers btwen the branches
limited govt.
means govt. can only do what the people have given it power to do
popular sovereignty
means that people are the only source of govt. power
Articles of confederation
established a firm league of friendships among states,staes came together for common defense, security of liberties, and mutual/general welfare
Albany plan of Union
proposed idea that the staes would have pwr to raise military and naval forces , make war/peace with indians, levy taxes, collect custom duties
petition of right
limited king's pwr demanded that king can't imprison politicol critics w.o fair trial by jury etc
Magna Carta
freat charter made king sign it, estblished that the pwr of mnarchy wasnt absolute
supreme politicol authority rests in the people
divine right theory
theory that god had given those of royal birth a "divine right" to rule