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an organization or organizations that produce and distribute goods and services for society
general systems theory
a theory that holds that all organisms are open to, and interact with, their external environments
interactive social system
the closely intertwined relationships between business and society
ownership theory of the firm
a theory that holds that the purpose of the firm is to maximize returns to shareholders
human beings and the social structures they collectively create
a person or group that affects, or is affected by, a corporation's decisions, policies, and operations
stakeholder analysis
an analytic process used by managers that identitfies the relevant stakeholders in a particular situation and considers their interest, power, and likely coalitions
stakeholder coalitions
temporary unions of a company's stakeholder groups in order to express a common view or achieve a common purpose on a particular issue
stakeholder dialogue
face-to-face conversations between representatives of a company and its stakeholders about issues of common concern
stakeholder engagement
an ongoing process of relationship building between a business and its stakeholders
stakeholder interests
the nature of each group's state
stakeholder power
a connected assembly of concerned individuals or organizations defined by their shared focus on a particular issue, problem or opportunity
stakeholder theory of the firm
a theory that holds that the purpose of the firm is to create value for all of its stakeholders
competitive intelligence
is the systematic and continuous process of gathering analyzing and managing external information about the organizations competitors that can affect the organizations plans decisions and operations
corporate crisis
a significant business disruption that stimulates extensive news media coverage