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Dispatchers Responsibility
Keep accurate officer status
Do you ever say Pronet, ETS or VARDA on the radio?
What do you say when you get a hazardous medical return?
6H henry, 1046, check your MDC
What does PFN stand for?
Personal File Number
What must you have to run a person or plate?
Need to know, right to know
What is CPT and what is the correct attire for CPT
Continuous Professional Training and the attire is plain clothes
Do cell phones interfere with the radio?
For access to the bridge, you must do what?
Ask permission
Can you use all the time you've worked for the city in seniority for shift bidding?
No, only the time in class with the department
When can you get called for overtime?
Anytime after you sign off
How much comp time can you accrue?
480 hrs
What happens when you use 10 hours of lost time?
You lose 1 day of seniority
How much time do you get for bereavement leave?
4 shifts
Do you have the right to ask someone you see if the bldg if they have permission to be in the bldg?
How many access points are there to the control room?
What is the 7 digit emergency number for the fire department?
What do you do when you get a call and someone has violated a DVRO or there is potential for danger?
Create a dispatchable event
What do you do with calls from the card clubs where the police department is not needed?
Create an advised event
What are threats to an officer type coded as and what address is used?
422.. 855 N. San Pedro
What is the catalogued alarm for a bio hazard event at the post office on Lundy?
Who's approval do you need to post anything on the walls at the PD?
The Chief of Police
What commands can you use to dispatch a unit?
DM,unit (up to 10 units)
DEM,unit,unit (up to 10 units)
DAM,unit,unit (up to 10 units)
What is the correct syntax to dispatch on a car stop?
What is the correct syntax to query an out of state plate?
What is QIL?
A query for a license plate
What is QIP?
A query for a person
What is 1027?
Request driver's license information
What is 1028?
Request registration information
What is the syntax for a pedestrian stop?
What is syntax for a suspicious vehicle?
What command would you use to change the type code of a dispatched event?
unit,UEU,new type code,location
How do you go forward a page in CJIC?
How do you go back a page in CJIC?
What is the command to search on scars, marks and tattoos in CJIC?
What is the command to query arrest history in CJIC?
What command do you use to log units on to an event?
What command do you use to log units off an event?
How would you arrive a unit to an event?
If you wanted to display an event that was open or closed, what command would you use?
DEV,full event number
If you wanted to select an event that was open, what command would you use?
SEV,last 4 of evt number
What is the event mask called?
Dispatcher Event Information
Where would you see where your units are?
Units window
Where would you see where your events are?
Events window
Where would you see where your pending events are?
Pending Events
Where can you dispatch units from?
The command line, units window and the map using drag and drop
How would you change the location of a unit?
or CLA,unit,location if he has arrived there
When a unit is going to transport someone, what command do you use?
TR,unit,location.. if transporting x's or j's.. it is:
TR,unit,location,rem,starting mileage
When a transport has arrived, what command
if j's or x's..
TRA,unit,location,rem,ending mileage
How do you select an event by unit?
When one officer is going to take the place of another officer on an event, what is the syntax?
PR,unit or
unit leaving is first
What is QDL?
Query on a driver's license
How do you clear a unit from an event?
unit,CU or C,unit.. with dispo code if needed
When you need to send a unit to fill, what is the syntax?
AE,unit,unit to fill enr
AA,unit,unit to fill arrive
How do you syntax a unit en route to a call?
How do you syntax a unit arrived at a call?
What is command to update information to an event with a unit already dispatched?