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Humanitarian Intervention
When is ut acceptable to intervene om domestic Affairs of another country? Who has right Una, multi, UN.
Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
German officer put on trial for violation of human rights.
Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
(Defense of the officers)
All charges were lies.
They were following orders.
Top oficals said they were a sovereign state it was a domestic affair couldnt be tried under international law.
UN Charter
Sovereignty was still important.
2 instance states can use force
-Internation peace and stability
-Authorized by the UN
Sovereignty above human rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The violation of human rights should allow intervention in some cases.
Liberal International Economic Order (LIEO)
-Places free trade at center of global eonomy.
-Put into place by USA.
World Bank
O.P.-loans for nations to reconstruct.
P.N.-help third world countries develop
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
O.P.-Help countries that were buying more then selling.
P.N.-Help contries improve economically.
natioon comitted themselves to reduce tariffs ad other things holding trade back.
Replaced in 1995 by World Trade Organization (WTO)
Why it is important to create Free trade.
-Historical Lessons
-Philosophical reasons
Division of Labor
(David Ricardo)
-Some people produce something, other people produce others.
-Make things you specialize in and trade for the stuff you can't make.
Comparative Advantage
(David Ricardo)
-Produce your specualized item better then others.
-Always better to pay less no matter where it was made, payless get more.
-individuals are better off so we are collectivley better.
Friedrich List
(Case against free trade)
-Free trade not always better.
-Don't always buy b/c it is cheaper, help out your country or people will lose jobs and be worse for us.
Infant Industries
Protect industries in early srages of competion
Strategic Trade Policy
Sell for less then it cost to make then you will run competition out of business and make more money in long run.
Predatory pricing
sell something less then it takes them to make
Lose for a little bit to make money in the long run.
First World (North)
Wealthy Industrialized democratic nations
-North America
-Some in Europe
second World
communist block but dont use term anymore b/c no longer communist
Third World
OPEC countries (Oil producing countries)
-quite wealthy
NIC countries (Newly industrialized)
-South Korea
Fourth World
Poorest of poor countries
sub sahara countries in Africa
International Division of Labor
-Third world materials go to first world countries.
-less ad less money for what they sell.
-Same price for what they buy.
-Can't manufacture good b/c have no money.
Thomas Malthus
(More people then resource)
-Pop grew geometrically, while food supply grew aromatically.
-pop would outgrow food
-come down only b/c of desease
-Scientific advances proved him wrong.
Fears of not enough resources came back
-Explosion of Population
-Increasing concerns of resource depletion
-Birth of Environmentalist Movement
Club of Rome
-Examine the predicament of the future of mankind.
-We were very close or at the limit.
Limits of Growth
-Book written in 1972
-Updated version of Mathlus
-fund. problem population growth
-nonrenewable resources and pollution
Tradey of the commons
Old herding stroy
We have limited resources how can we get people to stop using them
-Social Ostracism
-Coercive (Laws and regulations)
(NONE Work)
Garrett Hardin
(Harsh Issues)
-Population growth is big problem.
-Discourage pop. growth
-need to stop encouraging procreation
-Stop rescuing countries from there overpopulation.
World Food Bank
-Food in bank, famine, starts give them food.
-Bad idea, famine is a sign of over population.
-faimine, get food, pop goes up Famine (Pop. Esculator)
Lifeboat effect
Titanic lifeboat
-Keep what is enough for you and don't worry about the others.
adjust our population b/c we have scarce resources.
-They dont put technological advance into effect.
We arn't close to the limit we have enough resources to sustain
First 2 issues of modernist
-Population Growth (Pleatu, in a area of growth right now)
-Food supply (grew faster, have more, problem isnt supply but distribution)
Last 2 issues of modernist
Energy resources (prediction about when gone wrong (made on known resources), no evidence becoming scarce, other thing just to expensive now). Environment (Air quality better then it was 80 years ago, Little ice age 1800 when records of heat stared, using gound temp instead of satelilte)