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Poison: ASA
Antidote: dialysis
Poison: Acetominophen
Antidote: N-acetlycysteine (mucomyst)
Poison: Acids/Alkali
Antidote:dilute, lavage, cortisol for alkali burns, calcium gluconate
Poison: anticholinergics
Antidote: physostigmine - may cause seizures, asystole, or cholinergic crisis
Poison: anticholinesterases (organophosphates)
Antidote: atropine, pralidoxime
Poison: arsenic, mercury, gold, lead
Antidote: lavage, dimercaprol (BAL), penicillamine
Poison: Benzos
Antidote: flumazenil, glucagon
Poison: CCB
Antidote: calcium chloride, calcium gluconate, glucagon
Poison: cadmium
Antidote: edetate
Poison: carbon monoxide
Antidote: 100% O2
Poison: Copper
Antidote: penicillamine
Poison: cyanide
Antidote: amylnitrate, sodium thiosulfate
Poison: digitalis
Antidote: Digibind (fat antibodies)
Poison: ethylene glycol
Antidote: pyridoxine, fomepizole
Poison: fluoride
Antidote: calcium gluconate
Poison: heavy metals
Antidote: BAL (dimercarpol)
DMSA (succimer)
Poison: Heparin
Antidote: protamine sulfate
Poison: Iron
Antidote: Deferoxamine
Poison: Isoniazid
Antidote: Pyridoxine
Poison: Methanol
Antidote: ethanol, folate, fomepizole* preferred over ethanol these days
Poison: etoh
Antidote: fomepizole
Poison: methemoglobinemic agents
Antidote: methylene blue
Poison: amanita mushroom
Antidote: phyostigmine
Poison: opioids
Antidote: naloxone
Poison: Phenobarbital
Antidote: sodium bicarb
Poison: phenothiazine
Antidote: diphenhydramine, benztropine
Poison: Quinidine (Torsades)
Antidote: magnesium & isoproterenol
Poison: TCAs
Antidote: sodium bicarb
Poison: theophylline
Antidote: beta blockers
Poison: warfarin
Antidote: vitamin K
poison: streptokinase, TPA
antidote: aminocaproic acid
poison: beta adrenergic blocker
flumazinel, glucagon