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Group Luo Points
SP 6
GB 35/39
PC 5/6
SJ 8
Connects yin channels of foot

- point
- functions
SP 6

Any problem of LV, SP and KD:

Important in LJ patterns
Gyne symptoms
Symptoms of the genitalia
Connects yin channels of hand

- point
- functions
PC 5 (or PC 6)

Lung problems
Heart pain
Any discomfort of chest.

PC 6 – master point of the yin wei mai - has similar properties and most therapists substitute it to obtain these effects. Also, has a major function of regulating phlegm in upper chest.
Connects yang channels of foot

- point
- functions
GB 35 (GB39)

All sciatica on any side of the limb
Pain or dysfunction of the neck.
Connects yang channels of hand

- point
- functions
SJ 8

Ancient text forbade needling; usually substitute SJ 5 – master point of the yang wei mai.
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of zang
LV 13

Also mu of SP so important point to tonify SP.
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of fu
R 12

Also mu of ST
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of qi
R 17

Strong effect on zong qi which dominates both Lung functions of dominating qi, controlling respiration and speech AND Heart governing blood and vessels.
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of blood
UB 17

Single most important point to treat any disorder from blood heat, blood stasis or blood deficiency.
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of sinews
GB 34

Contraction of sinews, neck & shoulder stiffness, stiff tight muscles and joints. Especially dz of leg - knee pain, hemiplegia, atrophy, painful obstruction.
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of pulse and vessels
LU 9

Harmonizes zong qi and blood flowing in vessels. Deficient zong qi doesn't circulate blood -> stasis. Also, vomiting, spitting or coughing blood and pulseless syndrome.
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of bone
UB 11

Various bone diseases, rigidity and pain of neck, spine and lumbar. Deformity.
Influential (Hui-meeting) point of marrow
GB 39

Benefit sinews & bones - weakness, flaccidity, contraction and pain of limbs.