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Number of points on GB channel?
Which of the Six Divisions is GB?
Shao Yang of the Foot
Peak time of day?
11 PM - 1 AM
Most deficient time?
11 AM - 1 PM (HT peak time)
Starts where?
GB 1 on the face at the outer canthus of the eye.
GB Crossing Points
face: ST 5 SI 18 ST 6
head: SJ 22 ST 8 SJ 20 SJ 17 SI 19
back: DU 14 UB 11 SI 12
low back: UB 31-34
GB 1
"Pupil Crevice"
Meeting Pt of GB, SI, SJ

All kinds of eye disorders, esp. LV CHANNEL WH: pain, swelling and redness of eye, lacrimation, photophobia, nebula, supraorbital pain

Temporal HA, from LV-FIRE

Deviation of Eyes and Mouth, due to INT OR EXT WIND

With SI 1 for breast swelling

In hollow on lat side of orbital margin, approx 0.5 cun lat to outer canthus
GB 2
"Meeting/Convergence of Hearing"

Benefits ears: tinnitus, discharge
-Eliminates Wind: deviation of mouth and eyes
-Clears Heat: RSP & pus from ear

ACAP: mumps, toothache, difficulty chewing

Ant to intertragic notch @ post border of condyloid process of mandible. (Loc w/ mouth open)
GB 20
"Wind Pool"
Meeting Point GB, SJ

*Eliminates Wind, INT - fever & chills - or EXT: hemiplegia, head Wind w/ Phlegm, DIZZINESS OF ANY PATTERN
Benefits head and *eyes*
Clears sense organs: lacrimation, nasal congestion, sore throat, deafness, loss of speech (post-Wind Stroke), epilepsy, memory loss
ACAP: neck, upper back pain

With: LU 7 for WC
LI 4 and SJ 5 for WH

Needling: Perp. or toward other GB 20 for neck
to tip of nose for nasal
to opposite eye for eye
to Yintang for mental probs

Below occiput, approx midway btwn DU 16 & GB 12, in hollow btwn origins of SCM and trapezius
GB 21
"Shoulder Well"

*Bi syndrome neck, shoulder - for any etiology
Descends qi: cough, *post-partum retention of placenta, *stalled lactation; leg qi to HT
Transforms, lowers phlegm: loss of speech post-windstroke, scrofula
Tonify vacuity: KI xu lumbar pain, steaming bone

With: ST 36 to counter excessive descent of qi from needling GB 21
GB 24
"Sun & Moon"

Benefit GB, Spreads LV qi, Resolves DH: epigastric pain, jaundice, sticky/bitter taste sighing (w/ sadness), indecisiveness
Lowers CTFW qi, Harmonize MJ: vomiting, acid regurgitation, hiccup

GB 25
"Capital Gate"
Front-Mu of KI

Tonify KI, Regulate water passages: difficult urination, swelling of face

Tonify SP, Regulate INTS: borborygmus, cold/damp diarrhea, abd distention, pain of lower abd

Strengthen lumbar region: weakness of spine, can't stand long, rib-side and back pain, hip pain

Below lat aspect of ribcage, ant & inf to free end of 12th rib
GB 30
"Jumping Circle"
Meeting pt of GB & UB

*Promotes qi and xue flow in Tx of all kinds of obstruction - numb, stiff, atrophy, contraction, pain - (ST36 #1; GB30 #2)
Benefit hip joint and leg
Dispel WD

For all fxns: butt pain, hip pain, atrophy and obstruction of lower limb, numb leg, can't flex/extend knee, contraction and pain of thigh and knee
#1 @ CWD painful obstruction, GB 34 is # 2

On post-lat aspect of hip jt, 1/3 of distance btwn prom. of greater trochanter & sacro-coccygeal hiatus (DU 2)
GB 34
"Yang Mound Spring"
He-Sea/Earth, Hui pt of sinews

Benefit sinews and joints: disorders, contractions of sinews; stiffness, tightness of muscles, joints, neck, shoulders; numbness, hemiplegia,
ACAP: pain in calf, elbow, painful obs of lower limb, RSP of knee, sciatica
Spreads LV qi, benefits rib-side: fullness and pain of ribside
Clear LV/GB DH: bitter taste, jaundice, vomiting, stones, constipation
Harmonizes Shaoyang
GB/HT xu: timidity, "fear of people as if about to be apprehended."

With: Ren 12 for epigastric pain, LV qi stagnation
Ren 6 for low abd pain
GB 24 for DH

Below lat aspect of knee in tender depr approx 1 cun and & inf to head of fibula
GB 40
"Mound of Ruins"

Spread LV qi, Clear GB heat & DH: distention, pain of chest, axilla, low abd and ribside w/ SOB; sudden shan disorder, herpes zoster, sighing, cholecystitis, vomiting, acid reflux
Regulates Shaoyang: one-side HA, RSP of eyes & throat; strengthen GB & HT - initiative, indecisiveness, depression
ACAP & Benefits joints: atrophy (wei) disorder, painful obs of lower limb, cramping and pain of legs, lower legs; sciatica, drop foot, flaccid ankle, lat ankle swelling, wrist pain
GB 41
"Foot Governor of Tears"

Spreads LV qi: ribside pain & fullness w/SOB, dyspnea, chest painful obs, swollen axilla
Benefit chest, ribs, breast: distention pain of breast (PMS), lactation, breast abscess
Clear head, benefit eyes: HA, one-side HA, head wind, pain of outer canthus, RSP of eyes, lacrimation/dry eyes
Transforms phlegm, dissipates nodules: from LV qi stagnation

ALL DISORDERS OF FEET: swelling, pain of feet and dorsum of foot; pain & contraction of toes
GB 42
"Earth Five Meetings"

Spread LV qi: Swelling & pain of axilla, distention & pain of breasts, breast abcess
Clear GB heat: HA, itching & pain of eyes, tinnitus, deafness
SRP of dorsum of foot
GB 43
"Clamped Stream"

Clear heat, benefit head, eyes and ears: HA, dizziness, RP of outer canthus, itchy eyes, deafness, tinnitus, pain of ears, pain & swelling of cheek and submandibular region
Clear DH from channel, reduce swelling: fullness & pain of chest and ribside, breast abscess, pain of knee, thigh, & dorsum of foot, cracks btwn toes
GB 44
"Yin Portals of Foot"

Clear heat, benefit head (except nose): HA, dizziness, eye pain, etc...
Benefit chest, ribside: ribside pain w/ cough, SOB
Calm spirit: Nightmares, insomnia