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Jing-river points mnemonic

8 5 4 7 5 4

5 41 5 60 6 38
Yuan source


Yin lx: 3rd position, same as shu-stream.
Yin fx: Tonify zang and qi of channel.

Yang lx: Usually 4th position, after shu-stream.
Exception is GB 40 (No category at GB 42 so it gets skipped.)
Yang fx: Dispel channel excesses, disorders on channel. Tonifiers: SJ 4 (transporter of yuan) and ST 42 (YM - full of qi and blood)
Luo Connecting mnemonic
7 LUSI "Luci's"
6 LIPC "lips"
4 KiSp "KiS" (and the)
5 HTLVTH "Heart Livth"

ST 40, GB 37, UB 58
DU 1, R 15
Host & Guest

which point category is which?
Host is source point of affected channel.

Guest is luo point of paired channel.
Weird Back-shu points
UB 16 - Du shu
UB 17 - Diaphragm shu
UB 24 - Sea of qi shu
UB 26 - Gate of Origin shu

UB 29 - Mid-Spine shu
UB 30 - White ring shu (leukorrhea, seminal emission)
Xi-Cleft mnemonic + points outside of mnemonic
4PC kids' fireyLUV LIT(H) 8 SParklers.

63 UB, 36 GB (flipped digits)
34 ST only xi-cleft proximal to joint

4: P
5: Ki
6: HT, SI, LU, LV – Firey LUV
7: LI, TH - LITH
8: SP
Influential/ Hui-Meeting Points

Vessels & Pulse
LV 13
R 12
R 17
UB 17
GB 34
LU 9
UB 11
GB 39
Group Luo points
Yang channels of arm: SJ 8
Yin channels of arm: PC 5
Yang channels of leg: GB 35 (GB 39)
Yin channels of leg: SP 6
Command Points
Back: UB 40
Abdomen: ST 36
Head & Nape: LU 7
Face & Mouth: LI 4
Chest & Lateral Costal Region: PC 6
Resuscitation: DU 26
Sea Points
Qi: ST 9, R 17, DU 14, DU 15
Blood: UB 11, ST 37, ST 39
Water & Grain (Food): ST 30, ST 36
Marrow: DU 20, DU 16
Functions of Window of Heaven Points
1) Treat disharmony between qi of body and head, with qi or blood rebelling upwards.
2) Scrofula and goiter.
3) Sudden onset (of inversion qi)
4) Psycho-emotional disorders
5) Disorders of Sense Organs

mnemonic: Rebel scrofula suddenly psyched sense organs.
What points are Window of Sky (Heaven) Points?
LU 3 arm
PC 1 chest
R 22 chest
UB 10 head
DU 16 head
ST 9 ANT neck
LI 18 ANT neck
SI 16 ANT neck
SI 17 (or GB 9) LAT neck
SJ 16 LAT neck
How does one use Ghost Points?
Trick question. You don't use Ghost points (as Ghost points) without training.

But after Five Element or Jeffrey Yuan training you would use them as 4 groups of three to treat mania and epilepsy.
What are the Ma Dan Heavenly Star Points?
LU 7 UB 40
LI 4 UB 57
LI 11 UB 60
ST 36 GB 30
ST 44 GB 34
HT 5 LV 3
Four Gates

- points
- function
LI 4 controls upper half
LV 3 controls lower half

Thought to open the circulation in the entire body. For extreme obstruction of energy: severe abd pain or migraine.