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best point/method to treat chronic uterine bleeding due to Spleen def?
moxa SP1
LU connects with which zang/fu?
middle jiao, LI,(some say KID), ST, LU
LI connects with which zang/fu?
SI (passes), LU, (some say ST after traversing diaphram), LI

Lower teeth and gums
ST connects with which zang/fu?
meets w/ UB mai
upper gums
SP connects w/ which zang/fu?
ST, HT, Intestines
(some say LU)
diaphragm, root of tongue
HT connects w/ which zang/fu?
LU, SI, (some say KID)

tissues surrounding eye and eye system (sonnecting it to brain)
SI connects w/ which zang/fu?
ear, diaphragm
points contraindicated in pregnancy
LI4, SP2, SP6, ST25
points indicated for phlegm, misting heart/mind
PC5, ST 40, SP9, HT7, LU1
SP 6 is the intersection of which 3 zang mai?
Three Yin Crossing
SP, Liv, Kid
what are the fxns of channels?
transport qi and xue throuhout the body rendering it as integrated whole

Protect the body (deeper penetration, worse the dz pattern)

Respond to disfxn in the body (dz of ch vs dz of zangfu reflecting in ch)
fxn and significance of divergent channels
strengthen yin/yang relationship btwn internally/externally paired ch and zangfu

distribute qi and xue to head and face

integrate areas of body not supplied or interconnected by primary ch

contain wei qi
clinical significance of sinew channels
can either reflect disturbances of primary ch or can be injured themselves by traumatic inj or attack by ext pathogens
fxn of window to the sky points
connect the mind to the body

used to re-establish this connection
fxn of jing well
most distal points are stringest to clear excess and heat from opp end of channel

fullness below the heart

(dz of zang)
fxn ying spring points
clear heat
changes in complexion-nil in
clinical practice
dz of yang channels
dz of zang-w/ shu stream pt (have greater action on disorders along the whole course of the channel)
fxn of shu stream
shu of yin are primarey for tonifying and harmonizing their respective zang

bi syndrome/heaviness of the bosy and pain of the joints/painful obstruction
4 command points
LI4 - face and mouth
St36 - Abd
UB40 - spine
Lu7 - nape and occiput
fxn of jing river
cough, dyspnea, chills/fever
dz manifesting as change in voice
dz of sinews and bones (not confined to yin ch)
LI 15
fxn of he-sea
to unite

counterflow if qi and diarrhea, dz of ST and disorders resulting form irrecular eating and drinking

dz of fu- ST, SI, LI-he sea of low limb

skin disorders/skin dz
2 pts to decrease heat of skin/skin disorders
sometimes GB31
Channels affecting frozen shoulder
only xi cleft above the knee
fxn of xi-cleft
yin channels tx disorders of the blood

treat acute conditions in general
fxn of yuan-source
yin-same as shu-stream, use when 5 zang are dz'd

yang-dispel various kinds of excess pathogens and tx dz along pathway of respective ch