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What do source points do?
-In Yin meridians, tonify the yin organ.
-In yang meridians, dispel 6 Evils.
-On the Yin meridians, same as shu stream
What do Luo Connecting points do?
-connect yin/yang paired channels
-regulate problems affecting both channels
-reinforce action of source points
-regulate Qi between left and right sides of channel
-regulate flow of Qi between organs related to midday-midnight law
What do Xi Cleft points do?
-Treat acute symptoms related to meridian, especially acute pain
-eggbeater pt -- open channel that is stuck or stagnant
-on yin channels they treat blood disorders by nourishing yin
What do Front Mu Points do?
-Known as the alarm points
-Treat acute disharmonies and excess conditions
-act primarily on the organ not the channel
What do the back shu points do?
-Chronic disease
-treat associated organ directly or manifestations in the related sensory organ.
-calming effect
What do the Ting Well points do?
-Clear Heat
-Resuscitation from fainting. loss of consciousness, heat stroke, convulsions
What do the Ying Spring points do?
-Treat febrile diseases
-clear heat - true and false heat
What do the Shu Stream points do?
-Wei Qi gathers here
-treat sensation of heaviness, joint pain, intermittent disease, Bi syndrome
-the points where exterior pathogens can be transported to the interior
What do the Jing River points do?
-Treat cough, asthma, upper respiratory problems, hot and cold sensations
What do the He Sea points do?
-treat rebellious Qi
-Stomach and intestinal problems
-skin problems
-in yang channels, tonify yang organs
What are the 5 taxations?
use of eyes
lying down
Ht 8 treats...
As horary pt, fire resides here. Needling "stokes" fire--acesses what it left.
Can disperse heart fire, clear fire/heat from SI.
Ht 7 treats...
Main pt to regulate Heart Fire
Main Pt to Calm Shen
One of main pts to Nourish Heart Blood
Treats Poor Memory
Sedative Point
Indecisiveness is associated with what channel?
gall bladder
Sishencong used for...
mental clarity
Yintang used for...
calm shen
Ht 3 treats...
Calms Shen--heart heat with mental restlessness
transforms phlegm and clears heat
Drains heat from head--HA, gum disease
Lu 1 treats...
-heat and phlegm in upper jiao
-Stimulates descending of lung Qi
-acute swelling of face
-abdominal distension
-clears excess of all kinds from lungs
Lu 5 treats...
-phlegm in lungs
-cough (esp w/blood or thick yellow mucus)
-retention of urine
-heat in lungs
Taiyang used for...
wind heat
Where are the front mu points located?
all front mu pts are located on the chest or abdomen, close to their corresponding organ
What do the lower he sea points do?
lower he sea pts are directly connected to and strongly influence the Fx of their respective yang organs
Which points make up the Sea or Nourishment?
ST 30 and ST 36
What points make up the Sea of Blood?
UB 11, St 37, St 39
What is the Command Point of the Abdomen?
St 36
What is the Command POint of the Back?
What is the Command Point of the Head and Neck?
Lu 7
What is the Command Point of the Face and Mouth?
LI 4
Bitong treats..
nasal/sinus problems
Lu 7 treats...
-activates Wei Qi
-treats exterior conditions
-Luo point
Anmian treats...
Lu 9 treats...
-interior conditions
-Influential point of blood vessels
-Tonifies Lung Qi and Yin
-deficiency and chronic type problems
Lu 10 treats...
-Clears Lung Heat, channel or organ
-Sore Throat - Best point
Dingchuan treats...
Baxie treats...
The 8 extras are primarily used as what?
Reservoirs of Qi, can drain off excess Qi
Liv 2 treats...
main pt to clear liver fire and descend liver yang
Acts on Head, Emotions, Lower Jiao
Liv 3
Has the widest range of action of all liver points
can treat excess or deficiency
Liver yin or yang
Part of 4 Gates
Liv 5 treats...
Uro-genital problems
SI 3 treats...
Internal & External Wind
Back problems b/c Master Pt of DU
Benefit tendons, ligaments, muscles, spine
Clarity of Mind & judgment to make decisions
Liv 8 treats...
Knee problems
Liv 13 treats...
Front Mu of Spleen
Influential Point of Zang Organs
Harmonize Liver/Spleen
Regulate middle and lower jiao
Yangming is full of...
Qi and Blood
LI 11 treats...
-Skin DIsorders
-Heat & Damp Heat
-Any Inflammation
-Dispel Exterior Wind
-Cool Blood
GB 8 treats...
Headache, esp related to alcohol intoxication
Meeting point of GB/UB
GB 20 is meeting point of...
Gall Bladder, San Jiao, Yang Wei, Yang Qiao
GB 20 treats...
ANY Variety of Headache
Wind and Heat
Opens Head/ Treats Sense organs
Benefits Vision & Hearing
Pacifies interior wind
LI 5 treats...
-wrist and hand pain
-Yangming heat disrupting heart
-fire in the channel
LI 4 treats...
-command point of FACE and HEAD
-benefit sinuses
-stimulate bowels
-Any EYE problems
-Any Infection
What caution is taken with GB 21...
Forbidden in pregnancy because of strong descend Qi action
GB 21 meeting point of...
Gall Bladder, San Jiao, Stomach, Yang Qiao
GB 21 treats...
Insufficient Lactation
Difficult Labor
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Four Gates -- which points and what does it do?
LI 4 and Liv 3
-Dispels interior or exterior wind from the head
-Calms Mind
-Strengthen Wei Qi
-Move Qi and Blood, helps clear yang to ascend and turbid qi to descend
-harmonize upper and lower body energy
What does LI 15 treat?
excessive sweating, wind damp in the shoulder
What does LI 20 treat?
Benefits the nose, dispels exterior wind heat or cold affecting the nose, upper toothache
GB 26 treats...
Menstrual problems
damp cold in uterus
Linkks with Dai Mai
SI 6 treats...
inflammation of small intestines (ex from food allergies)
dim vision
acute deafness
stiff neck
GB 30 treats...
Lumbar and hip pain
Wind Damp in channel
sciatic pain
SI 11 treats
Induce Sleep
GB 34 treats...
Shaoyang Syndrome
Benefits Sinew & joints
Spread Liver Qi
Damp Heat in liver/GB
GB 41 treats...
Smooth flow of Liver Qi
Tight Trapezius
Menstrual Disorders
Swelling/Nodules in neck, breasts, axilla
UB 1 treats..
Exterior pathogenic factors affecting the eyes
Excessive use of eyes injures
What does St 6 treat?
TMJ, facial paralysis, any jaw problem --grinding, clenching
What does St 8 treat?
Dizziness due to damp obstructing clear yang from rising to the head, frontal headache, internal and external wind
St 8 is meeting point of..
stomach, gall bladder, and yang linking vessel
Excessive lying down injures?
Excessive sitting injures?
What does St 25 treat?
Front Mu of Large Intestines
All abdominal problems--diarhea, constipation, bloating, edema
Conveys energy and Jin Ye to the YangMing then to Spleen
What does St 30 treat?
Disperses Qi and blood stagnation from lower abdomen and genitals.
Preserves Kidney essence--located on Chong Mai and Sea of Nourishment, links pre-heaven and post-heaven qi
What does St 35 treat?
main point for knee problems used with extra poit Xi Yan
What does St 36 treat?
Command Point of the Abdomen
Grounding-calms the spirit
Major point to tonify blood and Qi
Strengthens Wei Qi
Treats ALL digestive problems
What does St 37 treat?
lower he sea of Large Intestines therefore treats
Intestinal problems - food stagnation of LI & St, damp heat in LI & St, food poisoning
What does St 38 treat?
Shoulder -- treats pain at LI 15
Empirical point for shoulder problems
What does St 39 treat?
Lower He Sea point of Small Intestines
Clears damp heat from Small Intestines
Excessive standing injures
What does St 44 treat?
Heat in Stomach channel -- bleeding gums, upper toothache, deviation of mouth, nosebleed, sinus infection
excessive walking injures
Ren 4 treats
Any profound deficiency of zang fu--qi, blood, yin, yang, or essence
Nourishes Kidneys
Front Mu of Small Intestines
Ren 6 treats
Activates and mobilizes PreHeaven Qi
Nourishes Kidneys
Builds up and Fortifies Original Qi
Located on Sea of Qi
What does St 40 treat?
empirical point for phlegm.
calm spirit.
What does St 29 treat?
Warms lower jiao
Regulates menstruation
Genital Problems
Often used with GB 26
SI 19 treats...
trigeminal neuralgia
benefits ears
Ren 12 treats
Front Mu of Stomach
Food Stagnation
Tonifies Stomach & fortifies Spleen
Ren 14 treats
Front Mu of Heat
Congestive Heart Failure (with Ren 15 to open chest)
Ren 17 treats
Front Mu of PC
Breathing disorders assoc with mental condition
has strong effect on gathering Qi (with Kid 1)
Located on Sea of Qi
What point would you combine with PC 5 for Phlegm Misting the Heart?
ST 40
Du 14 treats
Exterior Wind Invasion
Meeting point of all 6 yang
sea of qi
Firms Wei Qi
sweating assoc with ascending yang
Du 16 treats
Exterior & Interior Wind
Re-occuring bad dreams
sea of marrow
Wind of sky point
Du 20 treats
Benefits brain
calms spirit
liver yang ascending
raises yang
counter prolapse
sea of marrow
What does Sp 21 treat?
Connects all Yin and Yang of the body, Moves blood in blood connecting channels, Asthma
What does Sp 10 treat?
Most important point to treat blood problems -- any blood problem -- cools blood, moves blood, regulates menses
SJ 3 treats...
ear problems, esp with ascending yang
move liver qi
SJ 5 treats
headaches -- all types
emotional component of liver qi stagnation in chest
What does Sp 3 treat?
Main pt to Tonify Spleen
Promotes spleen's transporting function, Stimulates brain--promotes memory and mental clarity, stengthens the spine.
What does Sp 4 treat?
Spleen/stomach excess with damp retention in epigastrium, treats cervix/uterine problems because master point of Chong
SJ 6 treats
move qi intestines
What does Sp 6 treat?
Spleen, Liver, and Kidney all cross at this point.
One of main pts to nourish Yin
Tonify Middle Jiao
Sp Qi def, Liv Qi stasis, Kid Yin Def
Which san jiao points treat shoulder problems
SJ 14 and SJ 15
What does Sp 9 treat?
one of main points to dispel damp.
good for edema and water retention
promotes urination
Where do all 6 yang meridians meet?
At Du 14 (C7)
What points do you use for ascending yang?
Ying Spring
Divergent channels of yang meridians return to...
Divergent channels of yin merdians return to...
yang in the head
What Kidney points tonify Lung yin?
Kid 3 and Kid 6
Where does the lung sinew channel bind?
Lu 5 and Lu 10
What points treat excess sweating (esp palms of hands)?
Lu 7, LI 4, KID 6
What points would you use to treat phlegm in lungs?
Lu 1 and Lu5
What point would you use for heat in lungs?
Lu 10
What LI pt treats skin disorders?
LI 11
What are the functions of Divergent channels?
-stengthen yin/yang rel. of paired organs
-distribute qi and blood to head and face
-contain wei qi
-supply areas of the body not connected by main channels
What are entry and exit points used for?
to open the channel
At what point does the Great Luo Connecting channel of the Spleen diverge from the main channel?
Sp 21
What do the Large Intestine and Small Intestine channels treat?
heat and channels disorders. They do not treat organ disorders.
What do lower He Sea points treat?
their corresponding yang organ
Which LI pt is related to immune function?
LI 4 regulates Wei Qi -- releases exterior, regulates sweating
Lactation points...
St 18, SI 1, SI 11
What is the function of the great luo?
Sp 21 has the pwer of supervising all the blood in the body. Connects all other luos.
What point combination can treat morning sickness?
Sp 4 and PC 6
What point combination treats food retention?
Sp 9 and St 40
THe lung primary channel connects with what organs?
Lung, stomach, Large intestines
What is the principal point to release exterior WH or WC condition?
LU 7
Where does St divergent channel branch from and where does it end?
middle of anterior thigh to eye
Which spleen points treat menstrual problems?
Sp 8 and Sp 10
Excess wood overaveracting on middle jiao represents...
Sedate Liv/Gb
Tonify ST/Sp
What are the main precautions of needling?
location, depth, anatomy
What are the fx of yin and yang xi cleft pts?
yin-acute pain & blood disorders
yang-chronic problem, move qi and blood
Given that all channels are interconnected, how do you explain use of distal points?
1 path follows disease of Zang Fu origin
2 treating distal points opens whole channel
3 Qi follows path of least resistance
What are the best points for visible phlegm (no heat or cold)?
St 40, Sp 9, Lu 1
What 4 points can treat either constipation or diarrhea?
Ren 12, St 37, St 39, St 25
LI 6 can treat ear problems because...
luo connecting with ear
Sj 21 treats
ear problems
What are entry exit points used for?
when stagnation in one channel causes a depletion in the next
Ren point to treat stagnation in middle jiao
Ren 12
What Ren point controls lung and heart function?
Ren 17
two UB points to treat heat in blood
UB 15 and UB17
which meridians treat ear and tinnitus problems?
San Jiao, Gall Bladder, Liver, and Kidney
what is the foremost distal point on UB channel to treat occipital headache?
UB 60
What point would you combine with UB 60 to treat neck and spine problems?
SI 3
Which of the liao points has the widest range of actions?
UB 32
What are the 4 stagnations that Kidney 14 can treat?
Qi, Blood, Water and food
Kid 3 is the foremost point to treat what kind of deficiency?
yin deficiency affecting areas reached by the channel or dominated by kidneys
PC 4 is an important point to treat acute stasis of (?) and (?)
Blood and Heat because it is a xi cleft point
PC 6 is the singlemost important distal point and command point for ...
disorders of the chest and lateral costal regions
Best point to expel wind and release the exterior via needling, gua sha, or cupping?
UB 12
Kidney 6 nourishes (?) and clears (?)
deficient heat
heart meridian treats what type of disorders?
heart and chest pain, heart rhythm disorders, tongue and speech, shen
PC meridian treats what type of disorders?
heart organ disorders
upper and middle jiao
Ht 7 is foremost point to
calm and regulate shen
UB 40 is command point of (?) and able to clear (?)
which points on UB channel are forbidden points?
UB 60 and UB 67
Kidney 7 is foremost point to ...
Control Sweating
Strengthen kidney function of controlling body fluids and urination
San Jiao channel is mainly used to treat...
febrile disease and upper jiao lung patterns
SJ 5 treats...
Excess Headaches
SJ 10 treats...
Kid 1 is primarily used to
anchor lung qi
UB 10 is used to
pacify interior wind and regulate qi
what would you use the UB sinew channel for?
palpate diagnostically
Define INfluential point
AKA Gathering points,
Have therapeutic effect on certain tissues, organs, qi or blood
UB 11 is the influential point of what
UB 17 is influential point of