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What are the 5 symptoms approaching the stall?
High Nose attitude,
Low & decreasing airspeed,
Aural Warnings,
The Buffet,
Light/ less effective controls
What are the four factors affecting stall speed?
What are the six factors affecting wing drop stalls?
Weight, Ice,
Turbulence, Rigging,
Pilot Induced.
What are the four steps to recover from a stall?
Check forward,
Full Power,
Prevent yaw with rudder,
Confirm ailerons neutral.
What are the two instruments that remain reliable in a spin?
Turn Coordinator,
How do you recover from a spin? (7steps)
Close throttle,
Confirm spin direction,
Full opposite rudder to stop yaw,
Forward elevator,
Neutralise rudder,
Ease out of dive.
What is aspect ratio?
The ratio of wingspan to chord.
When flaps are lowered what happens to the lift-drag ratio?
It is always reduced!
When trailing edge flaps are lowered does the stalling a.o.a increase or decrease?
Stalling a.o.a decreases.
What is the main function of a slat?
To prolong the lift curve by delaying the stall until a higher a.o.a
The ideal aerofoil requires which 6 properties?
High max CL
Low min CD
High MAX CL : Min CD ratio
Good lift:drag ratio
Sufficient depth
Small & stable movement of c.o.p
What axis does longitudinal stability act around?
The lateral axis (wing tip to wing tip).
Which two stabilities are interrelated?
Lateral and directional.
Yaw & Roll
Factors affecting longitudinal stability (pitch):
Longitudinal diherdral,
Position of C.O.G
Movement of C.O.P
Sweepback with washout,
Downwash from mainplane
Factors affecting lateral stability (roll):
Diherdral angle of main planes
Lateral dihedral,
low c.o.g
High Fin surface,
Factors affecting directional stability (Yaw):
Size & Distance from C.O.G,
Spiral instability is directionally and laterally stable or unstable?
directionally stable,
laterally unstable.
Oscillatory Instability is directionally and laterally stable or unstable?
Directionally unstable,
Laterally stable.
What 5 factors affect swing on takeoff?
Gyroscopic Effect,
Assymetric blade effect.
What factors reduce adverse yaw?
Frise Ailerons,
Differential Ailerons.
What are frise ailerons?
When the bottom of the flap protrudes into the airflow.
Why are controls aerodynamically balanced?
To make the controls more responsive to the pilot.
Why do we trim?
To allow hands off flying.