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What is form?
the distinctive way a poem is laid out
What are lines?
something that may or may not be a sentence
What is a stanza?
lines arranged in groups
What is sound?
the effect that a poem has on a reader
What is rhyme?
a likeness of sounds at the end of each word
What is internal rhyme?
use of rhyming words with in a line
What is end rhyme?
the use of words that rhyme at the end of each line
What is rhyme scheme?
a pattern of end rhymes in a poem
What is a simile?
comparison indicated by like or as
What is a metaphor?
direct comparison
What is rhythm?
the pattern of sound created by the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line
What is a meter?
repeated rhythmic pattern
What is alliteration?
a repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
What is assonance?
a repetition of vowel sounds in non rhythmic words
What is consonance?
a repetition of consonant sounds within or at the end of words
What is an onomatopoeia?
use of words that sound like what they refer to
What is the speaker?
the voice that related the ideas or story of the poem
What is imagery?
language that appeals to the readers sense of sight, hearing, and sound
What is personification?
attribution to human qualities to an object