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repetition of intial consonant sounds for a particulare aural effect

Darkness Billowing Beyond the Dark morning
reference to a person or thing outside the poem

I was as innocent as Adam-she, as conniving as Eve
Afigure of speech in which someone absent or dead is addressed as if she or he were alive and present and could reply

Madeleine Sophie, please guide me
teh repetition of vowel sounds

mAd As A hAtter
repitition of final consonant sounds

It was a stroKE of luKC
Denotation:basic dictionary definition
Connotation: what a word suggests to an individual

While CHEAP and FRUGAL may have similar definitions, they carry wiht them very different suggested meanings
End rhyme
When the rhyming words are at the ends of lines

so dawn goes down to day.
nothing gold can stay.
Robert Frost
the look of the poem (what is the length of the stanzas?What genre is it written in (sonnet, limerick, haiku, sestina, vilanelle?)

couplets (2lines) tercets (2lines) quatrains (4lines)
high diction/low diction
high-formal-verses low-casual-language the diction of a poem can have an effect on the reader's interpretation of the lines

How may I assist you sir? Whaddya want?
a figure of speech in which something is exaggerated

I slept for a hundred years in the summer garden.
the representation of a particular thing through sensory description. Vivid imagery enables a reader to easily "imagine"in his or her head what the poet is describing by appealing to the senses

The hair on his head could ahve been confused with a plastic patio carpet.
Internal rhyme
When two or more words rhyme within a single line

My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss
Romeo (also slant rhyme)
two lines that rhyme (probably at end of stanza)
order of words
choise of words
A figure of speech that makes a direct comparison of two unlike objects by identification or substitutation (a simile is a specific type of metaphor using like or as)

My brother is a speeding train on his way to nowhere.
Near rhyme/slant rhyme
words with any kind of sound similarity

I shut the door on the racket
Of rush hour traffic
A statement or situation that contains cntradictory (or at least incompatible) elements

Despite her popularity, she felt utterly alone
a figure of speech in which human attributtes are given to an animal, or an objuect or a concept

The door crept open like a baby from a nap
Rhyme or rime
the reptition of the accented vowel sound and any consonants th at follow

AS metaphor which uses like or as

I felt like the celery in the chicken noodle soup.
A figure of speech in which soumthing (object, person, situation, action) means more than what it is
In other words a symbol has both a surface meaning and an underlying meaning

When she offered me an olive branch, I acceped it gratefully
In spoken language ton is idencated by inflections in a speaker's voice; in written language, ton eis indicated by the word choises made by the author and represents his/her attitude toward the subject about which he/she is writing

I hate you, can be said angrily, lovingly, fearfully, in suprise, terror, jest, agony. Or if an authr calls children "little germ carriers" rather than "cherubs"it makes it clear what she thinks of them
a figure of speach that represents something as less than it is

A man has his arm completely severed from his body and says its just a fleswh wound. A concerned friend says "its nothing'