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By Paul Beatty
-Racism/Huck Finn
American does not equal freedom and equality
By Countee Cullen
-Racism/ Huck Finn
-Effects of the word "nigger"
"Yet Do I Marvel"
By Countee Cullen
-Racism/Huck Finn (TEWWG)
-Restricted by being a black man, god torture
"To My Dear and Loving Husband"
By Anne Bradstreet
-Puritanism/Scarlett Letter
-Love and christianity/paradox
"The Raven"
By Edgar Allan Poe
-Loss of love leads to insanity
"To A Mouse"
By Robert Burns
-Depression/ OMAM
-Men worry about future but mice don't
"Dear John Wayne"
By Louise Evarich
-Native Americans
-Negative portrayal of NA-John Wayne=greed
"Some Keep the Sabbath"
By Emily Dickinson
-Spirtuality is different from religion
By Edward Taylor
-Puritans/ Scarlet Letter
-showed breakdown of puritan religion