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Personnel should be entered in a hearing testing program if they are required to work in a designated noise hazard area with sound levels that average more than what maximum decibel (dB) level?
84 dB
If authority is given to a subordinate to sign official correspondence for the commanding officer, which of the following lines usually appears below the subordinate's signature?
"By direction"
Which of the following terms is used to describe an unplanned event that interrupts work and produces damage and/or injury?
Which of the following logs is used by your division or department to maintain its supply inventory?
The Navy's enlisted performance evaluation system provides an opportunity for individuals to submit information they feel should be included in their performance evaluation. Which method is used by an individual to provide this information?
Submitting an Individual Input Form to the supervisor
Which of the following terms describes the Navy's recognition that drug and alcohol abuse is incompatible with the Navy's effort to instill pride and professionalism?
Zero tolerance
The command's enlisted safety committee should convene according to what schedule?
Which of the following odors may indicate the presence of blood agents?
Bitter almonds
Which characteristics or symptoms identifies a person suffering from alcoholism?
Physical dependence and Psychological dependence
Each urinalysis sample is tested how many minimum number of times by one of the Navy's drug screening laboratories?
3 times
The authority which is granted to all officers and petty officers to fulfill their duties and responsibilities is known as what type of authority?
General authority
Which of the following tools does a supervisor use to identify and develop solutions to eliminate hazards?
Deliberate observation
Sign-off authority for final PQS qualification may be delegated to what minimum level of authority?
Department head
The security classification you assign to naval correspondence is determined by which of the following factors?
The information contained in the correspondence
In evaluating the performance of an E-3, when, if ever, should you assign a grade in block 36, Directing?
When the E-3 has clearly demonstrated abilities in this area