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Of the 1st 5 presidents, who did not own slaves?
Name 10 Paradox of the Presidency.
1. we admire power but fear it
2. we want out leader to be like us, but better than us
3. we want a caring but cunning and ruthless leader
4. we want a non/bipartisan leader, but presidency is the most political office
5. we want a harmanizer but an advocacy leadership.
6. we want a pragmatic (innovative) and programmatic (but follow majority) leadership.
7. we want self-confident leader but we are suspicious of arrogant leaders.
8. what it takes to become a president may not be what is neded to govern the nation.
9. the presidency is too strong sometimes but too weak other times.
10. celebrate old but invent new traditions
Who won the popular vote between Jefferson and Adams?
There was NO popular vote
The power to veto falls under what presidential position?
Chief Legislator
The power to appoint and pardon falls what presidential position?
Chief Executive
The power to blow up the world falls under what presidential position?
Commander and chief
Name 5 ROLES outside the presidency.
Chief of party/ Manager of prosperity/ World leader/ Chief moral leader/ Chief scapegoat
What extra constitutional presidential ROLE most concerns people in Europe?
Leader of the Free World
What extra constitutional presidential POWER most concerns people in Europe?
World Leader
Name 3 powers of the president.
Power to: (appoint/ veto/ pardon)
Name 4 extra executive powers.
Executive: (agreement/ order/ privilege/ prerogative) A.O.P.P.
Name a horrible executive order.
Relocation of Japanese Americans to camps
Who was the V.P. to Adams?
Name 4 examples when the person with the most popular votes LOST.
2000 (Gore)/ 1888 (Cleveland)/ 1876 (Tilden)/ 1824 (Jackson)
Name 3 presidents with 3 or more wins in the popular vote.
Cleveland/ Jackson/ FDR
First president to claim executive privilege
Name 3 Presidents who clam executive purgative
Lincoln/ Nixon/ G.W. Bush
First president to claim that executive agreement could be over ridden
What is the mystical fourth power that applies to TODAY?
Ability to blow up the world
Name the 3 Critical Alignments
1800 (Jeffersonian Republicans)/ 1860 (Republicans)/ 1932 (Democrats)
Name 3 Democrats who won the NH Primary.
Kerry, Gore, Clinton
Name 3 Republicans who won the NH Primary
Bush (father), McCain, Bush (son)
Name 3 people who finished second, but did Better Than Expected.
Clinton, McCarthy McGovern
Name all who were affected by the 1951 2 term amendment
In order: Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton, G.W. Bush
Name 5 candidates who picked GOOD V.P.’s
Reagan/ Bush… Clinton/ Gore… Bush/ Cheney… Gore/ Lieberman… Mondale/ Ferraro