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Name the Tx for Viral Pneumonia
Promote Oxygenation
O2 w/ a cool mist
postural drainage
antipyretics & fluid intake
Name some Tx for Bacterial Pneumonia
oral amoxicillin for kids <5
erythromycin for older kids
Pneumonia treatments
bed rest
liberal oral fluid intake
How can Pneumonia be prevented?
pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine for kids >2
Symptoms of Pneumonia
unproductive cough
wheezes or fine crackles
fever, chills, headache, SOB, chest and muscle pain
Name 3 types of pneumonia
1. Viral (most common)
2. Bacterial (most serious)
3. Non-bacterial
name some predisposing factors for pneumonia
aging, air pollution, altered consciousness, prolonged immobility, maltnutrition, smoking, URI, intestinal or gastric feedings, immunosuppressive drugs, illness or HIV, inhalation of noxious substances
What is the most common cause of community acquired pneumonia?
Streptococcus pneumoniae
Is the onset of pneumonia sudden or insidious
yes.... can be either