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What 3 things make up the air management system
Environmental Control System
Where can air come from for the pneumatic system
Engines, APU, External source
What does the ECS use air for
Heating and cooling
Engine Start
Engine and Wing Anti-Ice
Water pressure
Hot air leak detection
How many AMS controllers are installed
One controller with 2 channels that each control their respective side
What happens if an AMS controller fails
The remaining controller can control the entire AMS system
What provides air for the AMS
Engine bleeds
External pneumatic source
What is bleed air used for
ECS (heating and cooling)
Engine and wing anti-ice
Engine start
Water pressurization
What is external pneumatic air used for
ECS on the ground
Engine start on the ground
Where is the external ground source panel located
Lower fairing between the wings
What is the primary use for APU bleed air
ECS on the ground
Engine starting on the ground
Electrical in the air
Assist with engine start flt
Bleed source for pressurization
Can engine bleed air flow back to the APU
No, a check valve prevents flow back
Where is bleed air tapped from the engine
6th-Low stage
10th-High stage
What is normal pressure for engine operation
45 PSI
What is the purpose of the precooler
Cools the bleed air coming from the engine to the AMS
What cools the precooler
Grnd-N1 Fan
Flt-N1 Fan or ram air
What does the overheat detection observe
-Engine bleeds
-APU Bleed
-Plumbing for the wing and engine anti-ice
Do both overheat detection loops have to function to detect a leak
Yes, but if one fails the other will work alone to detect the overheat
How many loops does the overheat detection contain
How many ECS packs does the aircraft contain
2 independent packs
What provides air for the packs
Each engine provides air to its respective pack
Can a single pack provide adequate temperature and pressurization control
Up to 31000 feet
Can a single bleed source power both packs
Yes, through the crossbleed valve
What is the ratio of fresh air to recirculated air
52% fresh air
48% recirculated air
When are the recirculation fans commanded off
Pressurization dump pushed
Respective pack off
Smoke detected in recirc bay
Recirc button pressed off
What keeps the 3 avionics e bay cool
FWD & CNT E BAY=3 fans pull air form the cabin to E Bay

AFT E BAY=Natural air flow from cabin to E Bay
When is the emergency RAM AIR ventilation activated
Both packs commanded off or failed and below 25000 feet (LT Side elect. controlled)

Ram air pressure grater than cabin pressure (RT. Side)
How many channels on the cabin pressure controller (CPC)
2, one active and one standby
Where does the CPC get landing field elevation
FMS or can be manually selected
What happens when the DUMP button is pressed
Both packs are commanded off,Recirc fans turn off, OFV opens, and cabin dumps at 2000 fpm up to 12400 feet
Can the cabin altitude be raised higher than 12400 feet
Yes, by using manual mode. The cabin altitude will rise due to natural leak
What happens after the cabin altitude reaches 12400 after the DUMP button is presses
The cabin will natural leak
If in manual mode will the cabin depressurize upon landing
Will the DUMP button work in manual mode
What is the bleed system priority in flight
Onside engine
Opposite side engine
If engine and APU bleed are available simultaneously which has priority
APU if:
-On ground
-Wheel speed <50 knots
-Bleed pressure not enough for eng start
When will the cross bleed valve automatically open
Only one side bleed source is available

Eng 2 start in the air

Eng 1 start in the air if the APU is not available
What are some reasons the ECS packs will close
-Any eng start if APU is the bleed source
-Eng start on the ground
-Respective bleed system duct leak
-Bleed air source not available for the pack
-TL set to max on takeoff
-REF A/I set to all on takeoff
-REF ECS set to OFF on MCDU (APU is off)
When are the ECS packs recovered
TL not MAX and:
Airplane is 500 AFE with both engines operating

Airplane is >9700 MSL with one engine operating
What happens if smoke is detected in the recirc bay
Both recirc fans deactivate
Cargo recirc fan deactivates
Cargo outflow valve closes
Where does the CPCS get cruise flight and LFE
FMS before takeoff or CPCS calculates using ambient pressure

The LFE may also be manually input
What color is the LFE on the EICAS
Green-FMS input
Cyan-Manual input (An "M" will appear next to the LFE)
What is the abort mode
Cabin is scheduled back to the takeoff altitude if:

Airplane stops climbing and begins a descent and airplane has not climbed >5000 AFE or >10000 MSL
What needs to be turned off when using an external air start
Both packs to prevent contamination to the cockpit and cabin
Pack 1 provides air to where
Flight deck
Pack 2 provides air to where
How is the OFV controlled
Its electric
When will the gasper valve open
Temperature reaches 95 F
What stage is used for engine anti ice
10 stage
What stage is used for wing anti ice
Combination of 6th and 10th
What regulates bleed air temperature
Can the APU bleed be used for anti-ice
Where is the air vented out for the flight deck
How many fans in the FDW E Bay
How many fans in the CNT E Bay
Which fans are primary in the FWD and CNT E Bay
1 and 3, 2 is a back up
What is the minimum crossbleed PSI to start
33 PSI
What is the range of the temperature controller on the flight deck
19-35 C
When would you get a CAS message that the FWD E Bay fans have failed
On ground:
2 fail
backup fails
Flow sensor fails

In flight:
All 3 need to fail
When would you get a CAS message in flight thay the CENT E Bay fans have failed
If 2 fans fail in flight the message would be inhibited until on the ground after landing
Positioning the cabin altitude knob UP or DOWN does what
Raises and lowers the cabin 50/min
Positioning the LFE knob UP or DOWN does what
Raises or lowers the LFE in 100 ft increments
When the pressurization mode is set to AUTO and the controller is set in LFE CTRL the system still considers itself in what mode
AUTO mode
The bleed control buttons say what
Top half=Amber Bar=Leak
Bottom half-White Bar
What happens when a pack button is pushed out
Shuts off respective flow control valve
How many loops does the ODS use
2 loops with six sensor locations
Which cargo bay has ventilation
FWD Cargo bay-For live animals
If the CPC has no iformation to it what will it do
It will operate in backup mode using temperatures
How many smoke detectors are mounted in the recirculation bay
Only one and if smoke is detected then both recirculation fans will be commanded off
What target cabin pressure is used on the ground
.01 psi differential lower than sensed cabin pressure
When does the outflow valve close
Gear down and engines providing takeoff thrust
What are the two climb modes
Internal (FMS inputs failed)
External (FMS inputs available)
When is abort mode not possible
Aircraft is >10000 feet or higher than 5000 above T/O field elevation
What are the CPC modes
When will the RAM AIR check valve open
Whenever the pressure in the RAM AIR circuit is greater than cabin pressure
How many fans in the FWD E-Bay
How many fans in the CNT E-Bay
How many fans in the AFT E-Bay
What does CABIN ALT DOWN do
Manually closes the outflow valve, decreasing cabin altitude
What does CABIN ALT UP do
Manually opens the outflow valve, increasing cabin altitude