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Pulsed ultrasound applied after iontophoresis treatment has been shown to be more effective than iontophoresis alone"
Which of the following are TRUE regarding iontophoresis:Correct In addition to knowing the precaution and contraindications for electrical stimulation, the PT needs to rule out known drug allergies
Dispersive electrode"
In iontophoresis, which electrode is used to drive the ions into the tissues?Correct Active electrode
Dry electrodes"
Which parameter is NOT used with iontophoresis?Correct Dry electrodes
Fat insoluble"
What characteristic does an ionic compound need to have in order to penetrate the skin?Correct Fat and water soluble
All of the above"
The quantity of ions transferred into the tissues through iontophoresis is determined by:Correct All of the above
Microcurrent electrical stimulation"
Using continuous direct current to drive select therapeutic ions into the tissues is referred to as:Correct Iontophoresis
Interferental current"
When using the Iontophoresis technique which type of current is used?Correct Continuous unidirectional current
The amount (dosage) of drug delivered is calculated in milliamp-minutes"
Which of the following statements is false:Correct The polarity of the drug to be delivered must be opposite to the delivery electrode
Continuous direct current"
Which type of current is typically used for iontophoresis?Correct Continuous direct current
Which of these is contraindicated for iontophoresis?Correct Asthma
Polarity effects of direct current stimulators which allow for the accumulation of charged ions under selected poles are referred to as:Correct Iontophoresis
Doesn't matter"
What is recommended as the least amount of space between the active and dispersive electrodes?Correct At least the diameter of active electrode
At which electrode is a chemical burn most common?Correct Cathode
The Cathode is the negative electrode attracting positive ions and resulting in an accumulation of Sodium Hydroxide with the tissues producing a sclerotic alkaline reaction.Correct true
Which technique refers to the movement of ions in a solution?Correct Electrophoresis