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fast tracking
Doing activities in parallel that are normally done sequentially.
functional structure
An organizational structure that groups staff members according to their area of expertise (sales, marketing,
construction, and so on). Functional structures require the project team members to report directly to the functional
manager. In this type of structure, the project manager's authority and decision-making ability is less than the
functional manager's.
key management skills
1- Leading the Project Team
2- Communicating Project Information
3- Negotiating Project Terms and Conditions
4- Active Problem Solving
5- Influencing the Organization
6- Managing Social, Economical, and Environmental Project
7- Considering International Influences
8 -Cultural Influences
kill point
The end of project phase where the project can be terminated on the basis of the experiences of the previous phase
or the outcome of the project phase.
matrix structure
An organizational structure. There are three matrix structures: weak, balanced, and strong. The different structures
are reflective of the project manager's authority in relation to the functional manager's authority.
project phases
Projects are broken down into manageable sections. A project phase is the logical segmentation of the work to an
identifiable point within the project. Phases can be viewed as completion of work to a specified date, the actual
completion of work, or other milestone.
project life cycle
The duration of the project, composed of all the individual project phases within the project.
project office
The central
source for project management support within an organization.
projectized structure
An organizational structure where the project manager has the greatest amount of authority. The project team is
assigned to the project on a full-time basis. When the project is complete, the project team members move on to
other assignments within the organization.
The individuals, groups, and communities that have a vested interest in the outcome of a project. Examples include
the project manager, the project team, the project sponsor, customers, clients, vendors, and communities.