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Chap 4 Domain: Planning and Project Performance Section: Create the WBS-4/4
Define Kaizan
Japanese Philosphy, Continous Improvement, Improve Quality of People First
Identify Additional Quality Plannin Tools
Brainstorming. Flow Charts. Affinity Diagrams. Force Field Analysis. Matrix Diagram. Prioritization Matrices.
Identify Quality Planning Outputs
Quality Metrics. Quality Checklist. Process Improvements Plan. Quality Baseline. Project Management Plan Baseline.
Define Quality Management Plan
Describes how the project Management will enact the Quality Policy.
Quality Metrics are also known as:
Operational Definition
Define Quality Metric
Describes what is being measured and how it will be measured by the "Perform Quality Control Process".
Identify 2 Areas where checklist shows up. One is a process the other is a tool/technique.
Output of Quality Planning Process. Tool / Technique of the Risk Identified Process
Define Process Improvement Plan
Focuses on Finding Ineffciencies.