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Which of the following operations causes the most pollution?

Explanation: Motor vehicles create most of our air pollutants through their release of unburned fuel vapors (hydrocarbons).
Which, if any, of the following effects of pollution is the most serious?
biological, psychological, physical

Explanation: Pollution produces physical and biological effects that vary from mildly irritating to lethal. The more serious of the two are the biological effects.
Most pesticides fall into which of the following categories?

Explanation: Most pesticides are nonselective; they kill or damage life forms other than those intended.
Which of the following terms identifies abatement?
lowering, containing, obstructing
Answer: Lowering

Explanation: Instructions cover the abatement (lowering) of air, water, and noise pollution.
Under the Clean Air Act, what government body had the primary responsibility for assuring air quality?
federal, state, county
Each state
Who may be assigned shore patrol duties?
Officers and Petty Officers

Explanation: The shore patrol consists of officers and petty officers assigned to assist military personnel ashore.
In areas where different armed services are located, the military police from each service may be combined to form one unit. What term identified this unit?
Armed Forces Police Detachment
A ship's plan for action is contained in what type of bill?
Battle bill
General quarters - all battle stations are manned.
Condition I
Normal wartime cruising watch - 4 hours on, 8 hours off
condition III
If you are scheduled to stand the second dog watch, you should report at which of the following times?
What watch are you standing between 2000 and 2400 hours?
Evening watch
Watches are split into port and starboard for what reason?
For security
What category of ship carried the largest number of guns?
Ships of the line
What ship was the first warfare submarine?
John Paul Jones is often referred to as the "father of our highest naval tradition" because of the example he set as an officer during the Revolutionary War. He is also famous because of which of the following accomplishments?
His victory over the HMS Serapis
At various times during the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Navy had 56 vessels. What was the peak number of vessels that were operating at any one time?
Aboard ship, what publication contains information about the ship’s organization?
Shipboard Organization and Regulations Manual only
A ready source of information about the duties, responsibilities, and authority of personnel assigned to a ship is stated in which of the following documents
Standard Organization and Regulations Manual
Each ship is organized into what minimum number of departments?
Which of the following structural components form the ship’s hull?
Which of the following terms defines the first complete deck below the main deck?
Second deck
Which of the following terms defines the solid part of a ship above the main deck?
In a normal situation, how many paces from the person being saluted should the hand salute be rendered?
Salutes are rendered to all officers of the U.S. and foreign armed services. Officers belonging to which of the following organizations are also entitled to salutes?
Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps
Coast Guard
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Public Health Service
Foreign military services
Offivers of the Nvay, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Reserves
Officers of the National Guard when they are on active duty. Whennot on active duty, they rate a salute only when they are in uniform
You are not required to salute in which of the following situations?
When guarding prisoners and an officer passes within saluting distance
An enlisted person and two officers are about to board a boat. Which of the following procedures should the enlisted person follow in entering the boat?
Board first and sit forward, leaving room aft for the officers
What material is used to make government-issue dress blue jumpers and trousers?
Wool serge
What material is used to make government issue dress white jumpers and trousers?
Navy twill
The enlisted rating structure provides paths of advancement for personnel in paygrades E-1 through what maximum paygrade?