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Quality Control
Observing project results to verify they meet the applicable quality standards while attempting to improve overall quality.
Process Adjustment
Adjustments made to modify the output of a process to achieve a better degree of quality.
The entire group of similar criteria.
Parametric Estimating
An estimating technique that utilizes historical or industry data to create estimates based on parameters such as a per unit or size variable.
ISO 9000
Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a means to plan, control, and document processes and overall improve quality.
A decomposition approach to breaking a system or process into block steps that can be repeated by following the diagram.
The characteristics that the user desires built into a product.
A problem or error in the creation of the work of the project.
Control Chart
A graph of data that shows the measurement of a process over elapsed time.
Root Cause Analysis
A technique that is used to discover what is an underlying problem, defect or variance with a system or product.
What is the percentage for 1 sigma?
Statistical Sampling
Selecting a section of the population to use for a measurement (instead of the entire population).
Special Cause
A non-random or intermittent variable in a system.