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Who produces TPO?
liver (kidney, marrow stroma, smc)
Number for thrombocytopenia?
Difference btwn acute and chronic ITP?
acute (children, post viral, resolves 6-12mths) chronic (adult, ass w/other autimmune, lasts for years)
Classic pentad for TTP?
fevers, renal failure, neuro symptoms, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia
Difference btwn familial and spordic TTP?
familial is defective or absent adamts13; sporadic is ab mediated
Defect in Glanzmann thrombasthenia?
deficient GpIIb/IIIa (fibrinogen receptor)
Defect in Bernard Soulier syndrome?
deficient GpIb (vWF receptor)
Defect in storage pool dz?
abnormal ADP/serotonin release (stored in dense bodies)
Defect in Grey Platelet syndrome/
abnormal secretion of alpha granule proteins (vWF and fibrinogen)
How does clopidogrel work/
blocks ADP receptor on platelets
Name some aqcuired qualitative platelet d/o causes?
renal failure, cardpulm bypass, drugs, myeloprolif/dysplast d/o
Which drugs are ass w/platelet dysfxn?
asa, beta lactam abx, nsaids