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The tubes that transport water and nutrients in the plant are called _____.
The tubes that carry food made in the leaves to other parts of the plant are called _____.
What do plant roots do?
Plant roots anchor plants to the soil,take in nutrients and water, and sometimes store food.
The food making process called ______
also produces oxygen, which the plants release into the air.
What is chlorophyll? What is it used for in plants?
Chlorophyll is a green pigment that helps plants use light energy to produce sugars, or the food the plant needs in order to grow.
What are stomata and what purpose do they serve in plants?
Stomata are tiny holes in leaves that allow carbon dioxide to enter a leaf and oxygen and water to leave the leaf.
What is a taproot?
A taproot is a single,thick root that grows straight down. It can reach water that is deep in the ground and is sometimes used to store food.
What are fibrous roots?
Fibrous roots look like little tree branches and grow near the surface of the soil. They help prevent soil erosion because they anchor the soil as well as the plant.
What is a spore?
A spore is a single reproductive cell that grows into a new plant. Spores are the way nonvascular plants reproduce.
What is a gymnosperm?
A gymnosperm is a plant with unprotected seeds and the most common types are the cone bearing trees such as the pine.
What are angiosperms?
Angiosperms are plants that produce seeds protected by a fruit.
What is germination?
Germination occurs when conditions are right and the plant sprouts and begins to grow.