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What causes Indian Hawthorne leaf spot?
Entomosporium maculatum
What is a spot?
a symptom of disease characterized by a limited necrotic area, as on leaves, flowers, and stems
What is blight?
sudden, severe, and extensive spotting, discoloration, wilting, or destruction of leaves, flowers, stems, or entire plants
What is a gall?
abnormal swelling or localized outgrowth, often roughly spherical, produced by a plant as a result of attack by a fungus, bacterium, nematode, insect, or other organism
What is wilt?
drooping of leaves and stems from lack of water (inadequate water supply or excessive transpiration);
vascular disease that interrupts normal water uptake
What is mosaic/mottling?
disease symptom characterized by non-uniform coloration, with intermingled normal, light green and yellowish patches, usually caused by a virus; often used interchangeably with mottle
What is stunting?
reduction in height of a vertical axis resulting from a progressive reduction in the length of successive internodes or a decrease in their number
What is canker?
a plant disease characterized (in woody plants) by the death of cambium tissue and loss and/or malformation of bark, or (in non-woody plants) by the formation of sharply delineated, dry, necrotic, localized lesions on the stem; "canker" may also be used to refer to the lesion itself, particularly in woody plants
What is girdling?
to circle and cut through a stem or the bark and outer few rings of wood, disrupting the phloem and xylem