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Do chlorophytes or charophyceans live symbiotically with fungi as lichens?
What are three characteristics of chlorophytes?
Mostly freshwater but some marine, have plant like chloroplasts, and have unicellular and multicellular forms
Name the five evidences tat charophyceans are the closest ancestors of true plants
both have same type of cellulose-synthesizing complexes in cell membrane, both have peroxizomes, both have flagellated sperm, form cell plate during cell division, and genetic evidence
What challenges to plants face when they move to land?
osmotic pressure, UV rays, new way to access water and retain it, viruses and bacteria (herbivores)
What are the adaptations that plants made to land
Apical meristems, alternation of generations, walled spores produced in sporangia, multicellular gametangia, and multicelluluar dependent embryos
Is the sporophyte generation diploid or haploid? Produced by mitosis or meiosis?
diploid and produced by mitosis
(undergoes meiosis to form gametophyte)
is the gametophyte generation diploid or haploid? Produced by mitosis or meiosis?
haploid and produced by meiosis (undergoes mitosis and is fertilized to form sporophyte)
What organ is on the sporophyte that produces spores?
____divides to form haploid spores
What is a gametangia?
Multicellular organs within the gametophyte that produce the gametes by mitosis
Name the gametangia that produces eggs
Does the antheridia produce sperm or egg?
Name two nonvascular plants (byrophytes)
Mosses, liverworts, and hornworts
Name two seedless vascular plants
club moss, horsetail, whisk fern, fern
When were seedless vascular plants abundant?
in the carboniferous period (290-360 mil years ago)
What are the five terrestrail adaptations of seed plants?
seeds replace spores, gametophytes become reduced, heterospory, zygote develops into embryo with food supply in seed coat, and pollen and pollination
What is an ovule
female sporangium + female spore. Female gametophyte developes within the spore and produces egg.
What becomes the seed?
the ovule
What is a seed?
sporophyte embryo + food supply
What is heterospory?
where the gametophytes are female and male
What protects the megasporangia?
a layer of tissue called integuments
What is the pollen?
the male gametophyte
What are the four phylas of gymnosperms?
Ginkophyta, Cycadophyta, Gnetophyta, and Coniferophyta
What is the name of the only phylum of angiosperms?
What are lichens?
symbiotic association of cyanobacteria or green algae and fungi.
What is the name of the fungis