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Continental Rifting
Red Sea, eventually will become an ocean in Europe. Great canyon system
Break up of Pangea
The continents used to be one, then they broke up to make a new ocean basin
Composition of Earth's atmosphere
Nitrogen 75.5 %, Oxygen 23.1%, Ar, CO2
Was earth ever very carbon dioxide rich?
What is the primary gas that comes out of a planet?
Carbon Dioxide
What consumes carbon dioxide to produce free oxygen?
Photosynthetic organisms
Greenhouse effect:
Infrared radiation is trapped by the greenhouse gasses (CO2). The increase of CO2 makes earth get hotter (global warming)
Mars has what percent of Carbon Dioxide?
Can we see through Venus' clouds?
We can't see through the clouds within the VISUAL PERSPECTIVE
Venus' cloud structure is what?
Ultra Violet
If we take away Earth's oceans, are the tectonics different or the same?
Different, but there are similarites
Why doesn't Venus have oceans?
It is too close to the sun
Who discovered Venus, When?
Venus was discovered by Mikhail Lomonsov during the transit of 1761.
Does Venus have a magnetic field? What does this mean?
No, so there is no protection against solar wind
What motion is venus rotating in? How fast?
Retrograde motion. Very slow.
Why is Venus rotating the way it is?
Because of a catostrophic collision
What bar atmosphere is Earth?
1 bar (1000 millibars)
Venus' atmosphere gets how hot? Is it windy?
It gets to about 900 degrees farenheight. High winds are only in the upper atmsphere at 240 km/h. There are no winds on the surface.
If it is windy on Venus, what would happen?
Because of the density, anything would be blown away
On Venus, because of the greenhouse effect, the polar regions are the same as....
the equatorial temperatures
On Venus, do where do acids exist? Why?
In the upper atmosphere, because it is too hot on the surface
Why are Venus' plate tectonics different than earths?
Because of the lack of water, the plates behave differently
On Venus, the impact crater Howe was taken from what imagery?
Does Venus' atmosphere provide protection against impact?
No, something the size of a builiding could impact it.
Shield volcanoes on Venus
Fluid lava flows, randomly distributed (Earth's aren't), The volcanes are related to the divergent margins or hot spot plunes in the upper mantle.
On Venus, the Aine Corona is:
a volcano that has lava flow, volcanic domes.
Carbon dioxide in Venus' atmoshpere makes up what percent? What about earths?
Venus' carbon dioxide makes up about 96 percent, Earth's makes up about 1 percent.
On earth, where is all of our carbon dioxide stored?
It is buried in rock along with Photosynthetic organisms.
Mars is what size when compared to earth?
Half the size.
What is the key gas on Mars?
Carbon Dioxide
Mars' atmosphere is what percent of earths?
1 percent or 1/100th of a bar
Is Mars' atmosphere thick or thin?
Mars' atmosphere is similar to what other planet?
Mars atmoshere, is it cold or hot? thin or thick or dry or moist?
Very cold, thin and dry
What kind of storms are on mars, why?
Dust storms, because the variation in surface temperature creates wind
Mars' polar ice camps:
Mostly carbon dioxide ice. The south polar region is cold enough because of the high altitude. It has carbon dioxide snow/ice/frost
Why is mars red?
Because of the iron oxide in the soil
Why is Mars' sky pink?
Because of dust
Compare Mars' diamter to earths. What about the obliquity?
Mars is half the diamter of earth, and the obliquity of earth.
Seasonal growth and decay of _____ on mars.
Seasonal growth and decay of ice caps on mars.
When the volcanoes are not active on mars, what happens?
The gases are released into space.
If mars were to have an ocean, where would it be?
The Oceanus Borealis in the northern hemisphere
Olympus is the moon's highest....
shield volcano
The bio maranarous canyon system is the...
greatest canyon system on mars
When pressure increases, water....
What colors indicate high and low altitude?
Blue indicates low, Yellow and red indicate high
How did the canyons from on Mars?
Continental rifting
IS there evidence that the south polar cap is getting larger or smaller?
In mars, a denser, wetter, and warm atmosphere can provide more ___ in the southern hemisphere.
IF you open a meteor rock, you find?
Calcium carbonate, which is CACO3
The distance from the the sun to the following planets Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune is
5 10 20 30
Jupiter, what space craft orbits it?
Calculate the amount of solar radiation of Earth and Jupiter
Jupiter is 1/25 (1/(5*5)) and Earth's is 1/(2*2).
The voyager space craft took how long?
12 years
On jupiter, the rotation period takes how long to complete a rotation?
10 hours
The strong centrifugal forces at the equator give jupiter a
spheroid bulging equator
Jupiters crust:
First: Thin crust, next one is is liquid hydrogen and helium (a liquid because of high pressure) , this genereates electrical currents.
The circulation pattern on Jupiter: Why does it have a colorful atmosphere?
Ammonia ice crystals, ammonia hydrosulfide and water ice crystals provide the color
On saturn, what is the 'best place to play hide and seek' in?
The A ring
On Saturn, what rings move fastest? What moves the slowest?
The A ring moves the slowest because it is on the outside, the Inside, the D ring, moves the fastest
On saturn, if there were no moons, what would happen?
The rings would deplete
Occultation data provides us information on: how?
grain size, grain shape and spacing. It occurs from the light of a distance start passing through the rings system
Enceladus moon is in what ring?
The E ring. (The E ring is just outside of the A ring)
Titan is the largest moon of:
Why does titan have an atosphere nad other's dont?
The colder gets, the slower it moves. The gases are very sluggish because it is so cold.
It is too cold for rainfall, so what does it rain on titan?
Who discovered Uranus? When?
William Herschel in 1782
What is Uranus' obliquity?
98 degrees
What is Earth's obliquity?
Between 22 and 24
Which way does Uranus spin? why?
A catastrophic impact reoritented the spin axis, making it spin on it's side. This has the HIGHEST OBLIQUITY OF THE PLANETS
Deep greens and blues mean presence of:
Nitrogen and methane gas.
Are Uranus' seasons similar to Earth's?
Very different
Uranus' rings orbit in the:
Equlitorial plane
Titan has what in the atmosphere?
Ethane and Methane
The axil Inclination of Saturn's obliquity lets us see...
the different orientations of the rings
On Venus, astronomers use ______ and _____ to penetrate the clouds and images to see the surface.
Radar and Microwaves. This was developed by the soviets.
Venus' atmosphere is made mostly of____________ and a small of amount of _____
Carbon dioxide, 96 percent, and nitrogen 3.5 percent
Venus rotates:
Venus is considered a twin of
On Venus, the temperature has reached
745k (880 degrees farenhight)