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The distance around a figure
A measure of how much surface is covered by a figure. Area is measure in square units.
Length x Width
Area of Squares/Rectangles
1/2 Base x Height
Area of Triangles
Pi x radius squared
Area of Circle
The distance around the outside of a circle.
A line segment passing through the center fo a circle from one sid to the other.
A line segment from the center fo the circle to the edge of the circle.
The radius of cirucmference of a circle to its diameter. Pi= 3.14
Figures that have the same shape but are different sizes.
Similar figures
Figures that have the same size and shape.
Congruent figures
Is how many times the smaller figures line segments
go into the bigger bigger figures line segments.
Scale factor
Two triangles that are similar if the measurement of the three angles in both triangles are the same.
Similar Triangles
In similar triangles corresponding sides have the same ratio.
Correspondidng Sides
The corresponding sides of similar triangles are proportional to each other.