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5 characteristics of a prophet
1.calling from god (metanoia)
2.speak/acts courageously on behalf of those who have no voice
3.speaks truth to power
4.faces persecution, willing to die for beliefs
5.speaks message of hope, works for kingdom
are prophets self appointed?
NO - called by god
often, prophets are...
uneducated, reluctant, dont want to hold exalted position
a prophet has ______
conviction-know the word of god, and it must be passed on
know they have experience god and must now act
the prophet alwasy speaks for...
the poor, the opressed, those that have no voice
when speaking truth to power, a prophet exposese what?
exposes sin, but they have to talk, they cant keep it in
what is the literal meaning of prophet?
in hebrew nabi, means mouthpiece
prophets speak on behalf of god and...
those who have no voice, the opressed
1st level in sprial of violence
institutional violence - when peoples basic needs arent being met (shelter, food, passed on through generations)
2nd level in spiral of violence
counter violence - people get fed up and explode, respond violently or non violently, feel anger, desperation
this is the violence we see on TV/news
3rd level of violence in spiral of violence
repressive violence - authorities crack down on 2nd level violence, repression, the bad guys look liek the good guys
how do we stop the spiral?
have to stop the first level
major cocern/duty of prophet
concern = people's present relationship with god
observe signs of times and speak out of gods reaction with them
4 major prophets
Jeremiah, Ezekial, Daniel, Isaiah (have longer writings)
minor prophets
12, shorter writings
age of prophets
1000 BCE - 400 BCE
who is the father of liberation theology?
father gustav gutierrez
what types of people does liberation theology come from?
oppressed people of LA, experiences can relate to message in bible
meaning of cross before and after libeartion theology
before: teaching passivity
after: someone who tried and was destroyed, use it now for hope and progress
how did liberation theology take shape?
base communties, started realting their problems to bible, connection
what is first act of liberation theology?
commitment - comittment to the poor
constant flip between action and reflection, alwasy changing
why do they use marxist language?
use his words describing class structure, but they arent marxists
can you remain neutral on social justice issues?
no, silence = support (Nazi's)
why is igonrance not an excuse?
is is our christian duty to find out what is going on
traditional vs lib - who does it come from?
trad: saints
lib: gustavo gutierrez, poor, romero
trad vs. lib - where does it come from?
trad: rome, paris, europe
lib: latin america
trad vs lib - where is it lived out?
trad: parish (500-1200 fams)
lib: base christian communities (10-30 people)
trad vs lib - how is it done?
trad: research, debate, prayer, scholorly
lib: commitment to poor, live with poor and bible will come alive
trad vs lib - sin
trad: intentional acts that harm others, ourselves or our relationship with god
lib: social sin - participate in social structures or policies that harm others (racism, exploitation)
practive of non-involvement in political issues
why is apolitical a myth?
its impossible to not be involved, because if you dont say anthying, its maintains status quo, gives tacit approval
gove run by priests, claiming to rule with divine authority
4th-9th century central europe
why is our gov sep?
to protect the chruch from the state