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perceptual components of face recog
mapping image to rep
individuate fave diff siutations
config/ rational
race fx
inversion fx
computational components
image analysis
info retrieval
IACL/BRUCE & YOUNG/ Priming fx; name fx
Burton Bruce and Hancock 99
uses complete model
PCA & Eigenfaces for input
-not units (eye, nose etc) as too many- people tend to use config encoding
Valentin 94
10,000 dimensions
50 eigenfaces- good face reproduction
O'toole 93
2nd Eigenface encodes gender
Hancock 2000
PCA poss using neural network
Burton 2000
IACL front end = eigenfaces
Built model, input 70 faces
= neutral face= 100% correct recog
=expressive= 96% correct recog
Incorrect recog w eigenfaces
Wrong SIU activated
incorrect recognition
Incorrect SIU activated - input still correct recog
D faces reach threshold faster
Binary so must be D patterns
associative priming
related share 1/2 SIU,
Unrelated share none
repetition priming
residual pin activation