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Where is the Lap weld process used?
In the manufacture of ferrous pipe up to about 30 inches in diameter.
What is the function of the gate in a gate valve?
Normally wedge shape it serves the same purpose as the disc in the glope valve.
Where is welded steel pipe usually used aboard ship?
For general service such as plumbing drains.
Where is a shock resistant pipe nipple used?
For root connections to machinery.
Where is the Van stone flange used?
In high pressure systems that are subjected to high temperatures and expansion strains.
What type of material is used in the construction of the s-type inlet trap?
Where is Carbon Molybdenum alloy seemless steel tubing used?
In high pressure steam lines that work at pressure of 401 to 1200 PSI and have an operating temperature of 875 degrees f
Why are the use of fittings held to a minimum?
Because they are a greater source for leaks.
What is used to seal joints in steam, water, gas, air and oil lines and to seal connections which slide or rotate under operating conditions?
Packing material.
How are union bulkhead fittings designed?
for 3000 psi water, oil or gas lines that pass through the bulkhead.
Why are traps installed in steam lines?
To remove condensate.
What flange is intended for 150 PSI steam lines and is available in sizes up to six inches, galvanized or black?
The malleable iron flange union.
Where are welding processes primarily used?
To manufacture iron and steel tubular products.
What is the function of traps?
To remove undesirable material.
Where is the butt weld process used?
In the manufacture of ferrous pipe up to about 4 inches in diameter.
When is a tubular product actually called tubing?
If its size is identified by the actual measured outside diameter, and by actual measured wall thickness.
Which type of steam trap is suitable for pressure up to 150 PSI?
The Bucket type.
Where can a listing for the authorized asbestos substitutes be found.
mil std 769
What distinguishes one type of valve from another?
the internal structure.
What type of tubing is used primarily in dry lines in mag sprinkling and some structural applications?
Aluminum alloy 6061
Name three types of steam traps commonly used on ships?
mechanical, thermostatic. and flash.
What color are the handwheels for potable water?
Dark Blue.
Where are hydraulic control valves installed on ships?
In the section of firemain that supplies water to the magazine.
What is marked on most cast, wrought, or forged steel products?
the word steel
What is the mechanical type of steam trap?
the ball float, and bucket.
Where is PVC piping currently used on a ship?
washdown systems.
What is the first thing you do when placing the reducing valve in operation?
Open the discharge valve.
Where are butterfly valves used?
In freshwater, saltwater, jp-5, fuel oil, diesel, and lube oil systems.
What is the tensile strengh of welded structural steel tubing?
50,000 PSI
Where are caps used?
For either permanent or temporary seals of pipe ends.
Why are nominal dimensions used?
To simplify the standardization of pipe fittings and pipe taps and threading dies.
Which type of inlet trap is most commonly used for lavatories?
the 1 1/2 s type