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Reasons for the war of 1812
British Captured American Trade Ships
President in 1812
James Madison
Tecumseh's Role in the war in 1812
Paraded his warrior's to aid British Major-General Sir Isaac Brock and forced Brigadier General William Hull to surrender.
Osceola was a war cheif for the Seminoles in Florida and did not want to go on the trail of tears.
Trail of Tears
The trail of tears was forced movement of the of Indians in the east to Oklahoma so Americans had more land.
Beckworth Pass
A Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.
Oregon Trail
It was a Migration Route where pioneers went to the west up into the oregon country for free land.
Tarrifs are taxes on the importation on foreign goods.
James Beckwourth
He was a guide to people on the Oregon Trail and he also found the Beckwourth Pass.
1849 Gold Rush
Started when James Marshall found gold. Hundreds of Thousands of people came to find gold in California.
James Marshall
Found gold in California and that started the 1849 Gold Rush
Size Of Oregon Country
Aproximatly 301650 sq. miles
States in the Oregon Country
Idaho, Part of Colorado and Montana, Washington, and Oregon.