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Max pressure alt for t/o and landing
Max operating alt
41000ft / company 37000ft
max operating alt with 1/inop pack
max ambient air temp for t/o landing
ISA +35 C
Min temp for t/o
-40 C
Max taxi/ramp weight
53,250 lb
53,000 lb
47,000 lb
44,000 lb
min flight weight
30,000 lb
max runway slope
+/- 2% gradient
Max tailwind
max x-wind comp on wet runway
max x-wind comp on contaminated runway
max demonstrated x-wind component landing/to?

Is is regulatory or limiting?
What is visible moisture (defined as?)
fog w/ vis <1 mile
ice crystals
When must cowl anti-ice be used on the ground?
OAT below 10C and:
visible moisture
runway has snow, ice, water, slush
When must wing anti-ice be used on the ground for takeoff?
OAT below 5C and:
visible moisture
runway has snow, ice, water, slush
Can SAT or TAT be used before takeoff?
No, because the probes may give inaccurate readings on the ground or at low speed.
When must anti-ice be used when type 2/4 anti-icing fluids have been applied?
just prior to thrust increase for take-off.
Define icing conditions in flight:
TAT 10C or below and visible moisture, unless the temp is -40C or below.
When must Engine cowl anti-ice must be used in flight?
Icing conditions
ICE is annunciated
When must wing anti-ice be used in flight?
ICE is annunciated
Icing conditions below 230kt
Vlo (retract gear)
Vlo (gear extended)
Vfe 8*
Vfe 20*
Vfe 30*
Vfe 45*
Max windshield wiper speed
220 kt
Max tire speed/ground speed
Target turb air penetration speed
280kt or mach .75 (Whichever is lower)
max speed with STAB or MACH trim INOP
250kt or mach .7 (unless autopilot is engaged)
If you are above 10,000ft, what is the minimum climb speed?
250kt/.7 Mach
What should you do if you cannot maintain 250kt/.7 and 350ft/min climb above 10,000ft?
Immediately level off and advise ATC
Minimum enroute cruise speed above 10,000ft
.7 Mach or Long Range Cruise Speed (whichever is lower)
Describe the three main gauge colors:
Red = max/min limitations(fuck!)
Amber = Caution
Green = Normal
Engine operating limits for start:
N2% 20
ITT*C 900 degrees
Engine operating limits for idle:
N2% do not accelerate above idle if below 57% N2

N2 split no greater than 2%
Max ITT's
Accelerating: 900*C
Max continuous: 874*C
Normal Takeoff ITT max temps:
884 for 5 mins
900 for 2 mins/5mins
Go-around or APR thrust max ITT temps:
900 for 5 mins
928 for 2 mins/5mins
What must you do for the first flight of the day if the plane is cold-soaked at a temp -30 or below for +8 hours?
motor engines for 60 secs, verify fan rotation

Reverse thrusters must be actuated until the deploy and stow cycles are less than 5 secs
Max oil temp continuous
Max oil temp permissible
+163*C (15 min max)
min oil temp for starting
oil pres minimum: steady state idle
25 PSI
oil pres minimum: take off
45 PSI
Max cont oil pres
115 PSI
oil pres: max transient after cold start
156 PSI
130 PSI at idle, 10 min max
when is continuous ignition required?
t/o & landing on contaminated runways
t/o x-wind +10kt
flight thru moderate/heavy rain
flight thru moderate/heavy turb
flight in vicinity of thunderstorms
flight at or near shaker and pusher settings
When must APR be verified?
When takeoff performance is predicated on its use
How long must engines run prior to takeoff or landing?
2 mins
What should you do if ITT rises above 350*C following engine shut-down?
carry out an engine motoring cycle to reduce ITT
Starter limits
on ground or in-flight - cannot be used if N2 >55%
engine start cycle times
1st try = Max time on 1 min, followed by 10 second off

2nd try = Max time on 1 min, followed by 10 second off

3rd try = Max time on 1 min, followed by 5 min off
ITT limits at the initiation of thrust lever movements from SHUT-OFF to IDLE?
ITT < 120*C for ground starts

ITT < 90*C for air starts
max fuel imblance?
Takeoff with fuel in excess of ??? pounds in the center is not allowed unless each wing tank has ???? pounds
no more than 500lb center unless the wings are above 4400lb.
Min fuel for go-around
450lb per wing
Minimum engine fuel temp for takeoff?
Min bulk fuel temp prior to flight?
Fuel Cross-flow - what must be off prior to t/o?
powered crossflow
gravity crossflow
Minimum temp for starting a cold-soaked APU?
APU start times on bat
1: max 30 secs on
2: max 30 secs on, wait 20 min
3: max 30 secs on
4: max 30 sec on, wait 40 mins
APU start times using DC ground power
1: max 15 secs on
2: max 15 secs on, wait 20 min
3: max 15 secs on
4: max 15 sec on, wait 40 mins
Bleed air limits:
AC in-flight
bleed air from APU not permitted above 15000ft
Bleed air limits:
engine start - ground
no bleed air extraction limit

each engine may be started using APU bleed

If both engines are started via APU, the operating engine cannot exceed 70% N2
Bleed air limits:
engine start during flight
during single engine ops, APU bleed air for engine start not permitted

during double engine failure, APU bleed permitted at/below 13000ft
If the APU door is open you must:
Limit to 300kt
APU must remain in operation

max positive dif presure
8.7 psi

max negative presure
-.5 psi

during taxi/to/landing
.1 psi
AC and Pres.. Max differential presures:

Max Positive Pres?
AC and Pres.. Max differential presures:

Max negative pres?
AC and Pres.. Max differential presures:

During takeoff and landing
Permissible loads on the AC system (Load limitation in kVA:

ALT = 0-FL350
Main Gens = 30kVA
APU Gen = 30 kVA
Permissible loads on the AC system (Load limitation in kVA:

ALT = FL350-FL370
Main Gens = 25kVA
APU Gen = 30 kVA
Permissible loads on the AC system (Load limitation in kVA:

ALT = above FL370
Main Gens = 25kVA
APU Gen = NA
Max permissible continuous load on each TRU
100 amps
Flaps above XXXXX feet prohibited
Flight spoilers may not be extended beyond ??? ft AGL
300 ft AGL
Flight spoilers may not be extended at airspeeds below the recommended approach/maneuvering speeds plus ?? KIAS:
+ 17 KIAS
Use of spoilers with flaps greater than ?? degrees prohibited:
N/A with flaps greater than 30 degrees
Upon departure from a wet or contaminated runway:

At 10,000 ft, or when SAT falls below 0*C, the ailerons must be operated manually every ???? feet until the top of climb:
every 5000 feet
Are both stall protection systems required for flight?
Are thrust reversers approved for ground use only?
Can you attempt a go-around when thrust reversers have been used during landing?
NO, TR's only intended for full-stop landings
Can take-off occur with any of the following error messages?

REV icon N1
only if you are suicidal
Max reverse thrust must stop at what airspeed on the ground?
60 KIAS, TR must be at idle
Taxi lights must be switched off if the plane is stationary for longer than ?? minutes
10 minutes
Normally, the auto pilot use is prohibited at altitudes below ??? ft:
600 FT
Normally, the auto pilot use is prohibited at altitudes below 600 ft AGL, except under what conditions?
visual approaches: 400ft AGL
precision approaches: 80ft AGL
If your DH/MDA is 92ft, what number would you dial in with the DH/MDA knob?
100 ft. Knob works in 10' increments
If you receive a TCAS RA, should you deviate from an ATC clearance to comply?
If you receive a EGPWS warning, should you deviate from an ATC clearance to comply?
What does the FIRE PUSH button do?
Arms the following:
fuel feed SOV
bleed air SOV
EDG off
What is the total fuel for pressure refueling, and total usable fuel?
14,518 lbs
Describe the fuel capacities in each tank:
Wings can hold 4,760 lbs each
Center tank 4998 lbs
When does the XFO/APU pump come on?
+200 lb fuel imbalance
When does the center fuel tank automatically begin transferring fuel to the wing tanks?
Anytime the wing tanks are below 94% full
What does the 10th stage bleed air provide?
AC Packs
Main engine start
What does the 14th stage bleed air provide?
wing/cowl anti-ice
thrust reverse
What are the pressure limits for the Packs?
30PSI if both in use
41PSI if 1 inop
What causes a PACK FAULT caution?
over pressure
over temp
Cabin pressure controllers (CPC) are spring loaded XXXX and modulated XXXX with XXXX pressure from XXXX
Cabin pressure controllers (CPC) are spring loaded SHUT and modulated OPEN with VACUUM pressure from 10TH STAGE BLEED
Describe what happens when you press the PRES CONT button:
Press 1: manual mode
Press 2: PRES CONT 2
Press 3: manual mode
Press 4: PRES CONT 1
What would cause a PRES CONT FAULT to appear?
failure of both CPCs
What happens to the CPC's 3 minutes after landing?
The active/inactive CPC's switch
If the aircraft is above 14250ft +/- 750 feet, the plane will maintain what pressure?
14250ft +/- 750 feet
Describe CPAM CABIN ALT messages, and when they occur:
***Cabin Alt *master caution* between 8,500 and 9,999 ft. and master warning *CABIN ALT > 10,000 ft., illumination of fasten seat belts, and no smoking signs automatic when switch is selected to auto. Passenger O2 masks drop automatically at 14,000 ft.***
What happens if an APU XFLO pump fails?
Negative gravity relief valve supplies fuel from the right tank
How does the APU shutdown?
From a simulated overspeed signal
What are the critical altitudes to know concerning the APU?
FL370 max opp alt
FL300 max alt to start APU
13000 engine start with bleed
15000 ECS operation
Are both batteries required to start the APU? What is the battery minimum voltage?
Yes. 22V
What causes an APU shutdown in the air?
Loss of speed signal
ECU failure
DC power loss
BITE stands for?
Built in test equipment
Describe the AC power system:
400 HZ
30 kVA
BUS 1/2
What is the voltage of the DC power system?
28V via the TRU's
What would cause an IDG fault?

What would cause an IDG DISC message?
Low oil pres
High oil temp

overtemp, over torque
Describe the APU Battery
43 Amp
24 Volt
Powers ADG Deploy and APU start
Charged by AC UTIL BUS 2
Describe the main Battery
17 Amp
24 Volt
Charged by AC UTIL BUS 1

Powers 4 busses:
L/R bat busses
main bat bus
APU bat bus
DC emergency bus
Describe the ADG power
115 V
400 HZ
15 KVA