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Oo la
It sounds tropical to me.
*** Do you know where it is?
Sa vaa ouus tel
Dun daa sta
I hope you are not still looking for the hotel.
Muu choo
Not to be confused with macho.
Not much
Noo muu choo
Turn the cable to a Spanish station and that is about how much you can understand.
Es kuu chaa
Almost sounds like the English word for excuse.
Rree peet a
Almost sounds like the English word for repeat.
*** Listen and repeat
Es kuu chaa ee
rree peet a
Don not forget the "and."
*** A lot of dollars
muu choos doll a raas
That's how much gas prices are.
*** You have a lot of dollars
Ouss tel tee en aa muu choos
doll a raas
You must not be talking about me.
*** How many?
Qwan toos
The first part sounds like the last name of a great figure skater.
*** How many do you have?
Qwan toos tee en aa ouss tel
Just put the words together. If you mess up on the order don't worry about it too much. They will understand what you are trying to say.
*** I don’t have a lot of dollars
Noo taan goo
muu choos doll a raas
That sounds more like me.
In all the languages that I know, English is the only one where two doesn't start with a "d" sound. (English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish)
*** Two pesos
Doos paa soos
Does Spain use Euros now?
***Do you have two dollars?
Tee en aa doos
doll a raas
Literally you are saying "You have two dollars." Don't forget to make it sound like a question.
***It’s not much
Noo aas
muu choo
Remember it = aas
I want
Kee aar ro
Know the difference between I want and I have.
You want
Kee aar aa
Remember the difference between I want and you want.
*** Do you want dollars?
Kee aar aa doll a raas
You want dollars?
*** How many do you want?
Qwan toos kee aar aa ouss tel
Think Michelle Qwan.
*** One dollar, two dollars
Unn doll a doos doll a raas
Remember the difference between dollar and dollars.
*** No, I don’t want dollars
Noo noo
kee aar ro doll a raas
Are you crazy!
*** But I want pesos
Par rroo kee aar ro paa soos
Think this one out. Don't let the "but" throw you off.
Don't forget to roll your "r."
*** I want three pesos
Kee aar ro tdraas paa soos
Remember that I want and I have are different.
*** do you want three dollars?
Kee aar aa ouss ted tdraas
doll a raas
Remember this is a question.
*** I don’t want a lot
Noo kee aar ro muu choos
A lot is the same word as many.
*** But I don’t have any pesos here
Par rroo noo
taan goo
paa soos a kee
Don't let the "but" throw you off and don't forget the here.
*** I have dollars here
Taan goo doll a raas a kee
I have, not I want which is "kee aar ro."
*** I have three dollars
Taan goo tdraas
doll a raas
I have, not I want which is "kee aar ro."
*** That’s ok
Aas sta bee en
That is well.
*** In the hotel
In elle hoo tell
About time you made it in there.
*** Where are you?
Dun daa st’yle
ouus ted
Remember the vowels will blend together.
*** In the restaurant
In elle
rres tow u rran taa
Remember that resaurant is masculine.
*** Thank you very much
muu chas gdras see es
Now you can imitate Elvis in Spanish.
*** how’s that?
Koo moo
Think of how you said "How are you."
This is a tricky one.