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Arr hen tee na
Hopefully this country will start to get out of debt. It was real bad their a few years ago.
*** Do you know?
Sa vaa ouus tel
Remember you are asking a question.
*** Do you know where the hotel is?
Sa vaa Dun daa ouus tel hoo tell
Don't forget the "where" part.
*** I don’t know
Noo saa
Use this expression outside of just studying Spanish.
*** Yes, I know
See saa
This reminds me of the tongue twister of a sister sitting by the sea shore.
*** I know where it is
Saa dun daa sta
The hotel? About time!
Porr fa vorr
Once again, manners are important. This word sounds like a Chineese dish.
*** I don’t know where it is
Noo saa dun daa sta
Remember the phrase. It is easier that way. Then you can break it apart.
*** You don’t know?
Noo ouus tel sa vaa
I gathered that you don't know where the hotel was or you wouldn't have been asking since lesson 4.
Ek wa door
I don't know too much about ecuador.
*** Do you have any pesos?
Tee en aa ouus tel Paa soos
This includes the word you.
You have
Tee en aa
Not including the word you.
***Do you have?
Tee en aa ouus tel
Including the word you.
*** Yes, I have
See taan goo
I have, not you have.
I have
Taan goo
Remember the ending of the word in regards to "I" have.
*** I have pesos
Taan goo paa soos
I most certainly do not.
*** I don’t have any pesos
Noo taan goo
paa soos
I told you.
*** One pesos
Unn paa soos
Not uno.
*** I have one pesos
Taan goo unn
paa soos
Last time I checked, I didn't have any pesos.
Doll a
This word is easy if you have a Boston accent.
*** I have one pesos and I have one dollar
Taan goo unn
paa soos ee
taan goo unn doll a
Don't forget the "and."
*** I have dollars
Taan goo Doll a raas
Not much!
Doll a raas
Notice that dollars is different then dollar.
*** The Cassidy Restaurant
rres tow u rran taa
Cas i dee
A great place to eat. They specialize in steak, potatoes, and homemade gravy.
*** Do you know where the Cassidy restaurant is?
Sa vaa dun daa ouus tel
rres tow u rran taa
Cas i dee
Remember you are asking a question.
*** I am not from here
Noo soo ee a kee
I think they can figure that out on their own.
*** I don’t have any dollars
Noo taan goo
doll a raas
That sounds about right.