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Paa roo
The only hint I can think of is that it is but not butt.
*** It’s the evening
Aas la noo chaa
It is the evening.
*** It’s the day
Aas elle dee a
I hope it is a nice day.
*** Yes, I speak a little Spanish (Castilian)
See Ab loo
unn poo koo daa
kas taa jha noo
The formal way of saying it.
Castilian (language)
Kas taa jha noo
*** I speak English and Castilian
Ab loo een glaas ee kas taa jha noo
Do not forget the "and."
*** Pleased to meet you (M.)
En Kan ta doo
Remember you are talking to someone who is male.
*** Pleased to meet you (F.)
En kan ta da
Remember you are talking to someone who is female.
*** Pleased to meet you miss
En kan ta doo
seen yorr rrita
You are talking to a lady who is not married.
*** Where are you?
Dun daa st’ouus ted
Remember that words that end with a vowel blend with words that begin with a vowel.
Hoo tell
This word seems to be pretty universal.
The hotel
Elle hoo tell
Hotel is a masculine word.
*** Where is the hotel?
Dun daa’s st’yle
hoo tell
Remember what happens with the vowels.
A kee
Not to be confused with "a key."
*** It’s here
Aas sta a kee
It is here.

It = Aas
Is = sta
Here = a kee

Now all you have to do is put them together.
*** Is it here?
Aas sta a kee
Remember you are asking a question.
***Where is it?
Dun daa aas sta
Simply put the words together.
Rres tow u rran taa
I think I can smell the food.
*** Where is the restaurant?
Dun daa’s st’yle
rres tow u rran taa
Remember the vowels will blend together.
The restaurant
rres tow u rran taa
Restaurant is masculine.
*** The restaurant is here
rres tow u rran taa’s sta a kee
That would explain why I thought I could smell the food.
***It’s over there
Aas sta a gee
It is over there.
a gee
Sounds like a computer company.
*** It’s not here
Noo aas sta a kee
Then where is the smell of that food coming from?
*** The hotel is where?
Elle hoo tell dun daa’s sta
Remember that hotel is masculine.
*** Is it over there?
aas sta a gee
Go ahead and look.
Koo lun
Too bad the man died broke and a Spanish failure.
*** Where is the Columbus Hotel?
Dun daa’s st’yle hoo tell Koo lun
Remember you are asking a question.
***Where is the Columbus Restaurant?
Dun daa’s st’yle
rres tow u rran taa
Ka lun
Don't forget what will happen with the vowels.
*** Is the hotel here
Aas sta elle
hoo tell a kee
Literally you are saying "Is it the hotel here?" First of all don't forget you are asking a question. Second, I hope you never ask this question.
*** and the restaurant
rres tow u rran taa
Don't forget the and part.
*** I’m Mexican (F.)
Soo ee maa hee kan a
Chances are, you don't like American politics either.
*** Are you Mexican (M.)
Aas ouss tel
maa hee kan oo
Don't forget you are asking someone who is male.
*** I don’t speak and I don’t understand
Noo ab loo ee noo en tee en doo
Don't forget the and.
*** Are you Ms. Gomez
Aas ouus tel la seen yorr rrita
Goo mez
Literally you are saying "Are you the young lady Gomez."
*** Are you Mr. Cassidy
Aas ouus tel elle seen yorr
Cas i dee
A master at speaking Spanish.