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*** Not very well
Noo moy ee bee en
Litterally you are saying "no very well."
This is really easy to remember. However, I can bet that you are going to forget to use it.
*** and you?
Ee ouss tel
This is an example where ouss sted sounds more like ouss tel.
*** I’m not American (F.)
Noo soo ee
north ee
a mair ee kon a
Don't forget the "I am" part. It's ok if you are not American as long as you are not Canadian.
I am
Soo ee
English lesson: I'm = I am.
*** I am American (M.)
Soo ee north ee
a mair eek on oo
Don't forget to adjust for gender.
*** I’m from Chicago
Soo ee daa shi ka goo
Just learn this anyways.
You really learned this in lesson 1.
*** I am from Boston
Soo ee daa bos ton
I am from Ware, but we won't go there.
*** I am from Washington
Soo ee daa
wash in ton
Sounds important.
*** From where?
Daa dun daa
Just put the two words together. Don't forget you are asking a question.
Dun daa
Not to be confused with Ware.
*** Where are you from?
Daa dun daa Aas ouus tel
Literally you are saying: "From where are you."
*** I’m from Los Angeles
Soo ee daa
los an hoo les
The General Manager of their hockey team just recieved the hook.
*** Good afternoon
Bwen nas tar daas
This is what you will be saying if you sleep past noon.
The afternoon
La tar daa
Remember afternoon is feminine.
The day
Elle Dee a
Remember that day is masculine.
The man
Elle Seen yorr
I hope I don't have to remind you about gender for this one.
The woman
La Seen yorr a
Pertaining to a married woman.
*** Good evening
Bwen nas noo chaas
Repeat after the "Rem Dog."
Noo chaa
If you are saying a kind of chip, then you are saying it wrong.
The night
La noo chaa
Night is feminine.
*** I’m from Mexico
Soo ee daa
maa hee koo
More than likely, you are not a fan of current American politics.
*** And you understand very well
Ee en tee en daa moy ee bee en
Don't forget to use "and."
*** I’m from Bolivia
Soo ee daa
boo leev ee a
Find that on a map.
*** It’s the afternoon
Aas La tar daa
Remember it's is the same as it is.
*** I’m Mrs. Garcia
Soo ee la seen yorr a gar see a
Literally you are saying "I am the Mr. Garcia."
*** I’m Mr. Jones
Soo ee elle
seen yorr Jones
Sounds like you are having an identity crisis.
*** I’m Mr. Cassidy
Soo ee elle
seen yorr Cas i dee
I hear that Mr. Cassidy can speak Spanish fluently.