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sina pilin seme?  
how are you? how are you feeling?  
a a a!  
ha ha ha!  
ale li pona  
all is well, I feel calm, I am at peace  
awen pona  
kama olin  
fall in love with  
kepeken e utala  
to use violence  
lawa e pilin  
to master one's feelings, be composed  
aware, attentive  
mi olin e sina  
I love you  
to love (a person)  
(ona) li ike  
(she/he/it) is bad, I don't like (her/him/it)  
(ona) li pona  
(he/she/it) is good, I like (him/her/it)  
pali e ike tawa  
to do bad things to, to show disrespect for  
pana e kon (pi pilin) pona  
to laugh  
pana e pilin pona tawa  
to send positivity to, make feel good  
pana e telo oko  
to cry, weep  
feelings, emotions, to feel, heart  
pilin ala  
indifferent, unfeeling  
pilin e ike jan  
to pity somebody, feel bad for somebody  
pilin e moli jan  
to mourn somebody  
pilin e weka jan  
to miss somebody  
pilin ike  
to feel bad, sad, depressed, unhappy, bitter, discontented, grumpy  
pilin ike tan  
to have negative feelings because of, be afraid of, sad because of, regret, be offended by  
pilin ike tawa  
to have negative feelings for, be upset at, angry at, hate, resent  
pilin ike wawa  
to have intense negative feelings, be pissed off, furious  
pilin nasa  
to feel silly, strange, weird, crazy, drunk, high  
pilin pona  
to feel good, happy, content, enjoy oneself, comfortable  
pilin pona mute  
to feel great, amazing, awesome  
pilin pona tan  
to feel good because of, to enjoy  
pilin wawa  
to feel strong, energetic, excited, confident, proud  
pona e pilin jan  
cheer up, make somebody happy  
toki ike  
to say negative things  
toki ike lon  
to say bad things about, complain about  
toki ike tawa  
to say bad things to, insult, speak rudely to  
toki pona  
to say nice things  
toki pona lon  
to say good things about, praise  
toki pona tawa  
to say nice things to, compliment   
toki utala tawa  
to argue with, criticize  
weka e ike jan  
forgive somebody  
to want, desire, would like, hope  
wile e pona tawa jan  
to wish somebody well  
wile ike  
to have negative intentions, malevolent  
wile lape  
to be tired, sleepy, wanting to rest  
wile lawa  
to be dominant  
wile moku  
to be hungry  
mile moku e telo  
to be thirsty  
wile moli  
wile moli e jan  
homicidal, wanting to murder  
wile mute  
to crave, really want  
wile mute ike  
to want too much, greedy  
wile pali e ijo  
bored, wanting to do something  
wile pana e pona (tawa jan)  
helpful (to someone)  
wile pona  
to have good intentions, mean well  
wile unpa  
horny, lustful