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M224 60mm Mortar Organization
Organic to rifle Company

Three Squads w/
One M224
Three Marines
Weight (M224 60mm)
37.6 lbs
Range (M224 60mm)
Minimum: 70m
Maximum: 3,500m
Effective Casualty Radius (ECR): 30m
Ammo (M224 60mm)
2.9 to 4.08lbs
Rate of Fire (M224 60mm)
Max. (4 minutes): 30 rds/min
Sustainable (indef.): 20 rds/min
M252 81mm Organization
Organic to Battalion

Eight squads w/
One M252
Six Marines
Weight (M252 81MM)
Range (M252 81mm)
Minimum: 83m
Maximum: 5,700m
ECR: 35m
Rate of Fire (M252 81mm)
Max. (2 mins.): 30 rds
Sustain (Indef.):15 rds