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What is another name for physiologic (racial) pigmentation?
Name the most common location for physiologic (racial) pigmentation/melanoplakia.
Attached gingiva
What causes physiologic (racial) pigmentation/melanoplakia?
Increased ACTIVITY (not number) of melanocytes
Name two risk factors (besides smoking) for Smoker's Melanosis.
1 Female 2 Females on the Pill
Name the three most common areas to see Smoker's Melanosis.
1 Mandibular anterior (gingiva) 2 Buccal mucosa 3 Palate
Is Smoker's Melanosis premalignant?
No, not alone
Does Smoker's Melanosis go away after quitting smoking?
Yes, probably
T/F: Oral Melanotic Macules are due to sun-exposure.
False, freckles are
What disease histologically features an increase in melanin granules, which is confined to the basal cell layer?
Oral melanotic macule
What is the most common of all human 'tumors'?
Pigmented Cellular Nevus/ Acquired melanocytic nevus/Mole
Name 2 synonyms for a mole.
1 Pigmented Cellular Nevus 2 Acquired melanocytic nevus
What's the difference between a mole and a freckle (ephelis)?
A mole does NOT depend on sun exposure; freckles do.
What do nevus cells look like (4)?
1 Large 2 Oval 3 Epithelioid 4 Arranged in clumps
What type of mole do all moles start out as?
Junctional nevus
What variant of mole is the second most common intraoral nevus?
Malignant melanoma is the (#) most common skin cancer. ____% of skin melanomas occur in the head/neck area. (Chronic/acute) sun damage is more important when it comes to malignant melanoma. The lifetime risk for a __(ethnicity)__ to get malignant melanoma is 1 in _____.
3rd most common. 25% in head and neck. Acute is worse. Caucasians 1:100 will get them.
What is the most common type of Malignant melanoma?
Superficial spreading melanoma
What type of Malignant melanoma is multicolored and flat?
Superficial spreading melanoma
1/3 of this type of Malignant melanoma are in the head and neck area.
Nodular melanoma
What type of Malignant melanoma is elevated, and sometimes has no pigmentation?
Nodular melanoma
What type of Malignant melanoma is melanoma in situ?
Lentigo maligna melanoma
What is the most common type of oral Malignant melanoma?
Acral lentiginous melanoma
Name the two most common sites for oral Malignant melanoma.
1 Maxillary anterior mucosa 2 Hard palate
Most oral Malignant melanomas are (primary/metastatic) and have (good/bad) prognosis.
Metastatic, bad
How does Addison's disease manifest in the skin/mucous membranes?
What are two clinical features of Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome?
1 Oral freckles (melanotic macules) 2 Intestinal polyposis