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1. What is the minor scale pattern?

-Five Finger Pattern
2. How do you determine relative major and minor scales?
Move down a third from major to find minor

Move up a third from minor to find major
3. What are some major and minor relative scales?
C major & A minor (no # or b)
F major & D minor (bB)
G major & E minor (#F)
bE major & C minor
4. What is the difference between a minor 3rd and major 3r?
Minor 3rd: lower 3 half steps

Major 3rd: 4 half step or 2 whole steps
5. How do you get minor chords?
Major chords become minor chords when the middle note (3rd) is lowered half a step
6. What does D.C. al Coda mean?
Da Capo al Code

Repeat from the beginning to the
then skip to the Coda
7. What is the coda?

an additional or added ending
8. What does subito mean?
A dynamic sign that means suddenly or quickly/abruptly
9. What doe 8va mean?

What does 8va mean?
It means to play the note an octave higher

It means to plate the note an octave lower
10. What are the four C's?
Low C
Bass C
Middle C
Treble C
High C
11. What does arpeggio mean?
An arpeggio is a broken chord that is played melodically so the pitches are sounded successively rather than simultaneously
12. What does a tempo mean?
It is a dynamic sign that means to the resume the original speed. It is often seen after ritardando (rit.)
13. What is harmonizing?
This is when left hand parts are added to right hand melodies.

The most common format for music of this type is the lead sheet
14. What is the lead sheet?
The lead sheet gives the melody on a single staff with chord names written above the staff
15. What is a fake book?
Fake books are collections that contain a wide variety of melodies in lead sheet format
16. What are the four F's?
Low F
Bass F
Treble F
High F
17. What are major scales made up of?
Two tetra chords joined by a whole step

(WWHWWW pattern)
18. What is a tetra chord?
A series of four notes having a pattern of W W H
19. What flats are in F major?

What are the primary chords?
B flat

F Major
B Flat
20. Name the notes in the primary chords for F major.
F : F - A - C

bB: F - bB - D

C7: E - bB - C
21. What is the 12 bar blues patter?
The blues follow a strict 12-bar pattern

22. What is the key of C in the blues?
C - bE - F - bG - G
23. What is the key of G in the blues?
G - bB - C - bD - D
24. What is the key of F in the blues?
F - bA - bB - bC - C
25. What is alla breve?
A time signature that indicates 2/2 time (2 half notes per bar)

The symbol is:

Also called "cut time"
26. What does molto mean?

crescendo molto means play much louder
27. What are the primary chords of C major?
C: C - E -G

F: C - F - A

G7: B - F - G
28. What are the primary chords of G major?
G: G - B - D

C: G - C - E

D7: #F - C - D