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preoperational stage begins at what age and ends at what age
begins at 2 and lasts until age 6
preoperational child shows improvements in what:
language use, words, gestures, signs, and images (semiotic function)
preoperational child uses what type of reasoning
transductive reasoning
2 objects share a common quality they are identical- all 4 legged animals are cats
preoperational though includes what characteristic
centration is
focus on 1 aspect of the situation and exclude all others--mom is not a sister, aunt, daughter, just mom
egocentrism is
assume that everyone shares their feelings and perspectives;
ex: draw family without themselves in picture
collective monologue is
kids talking in a group without any interaction with the other kids.
preoperationsl stage of cognitive development overcomes what
an amount or quanity is unaffected by changes in shape or placement
preoperational child does/does not understand conservation
does not-- will think the taller glass (with the same amt of liquid as shorter glass) has more liquid
inability to recognize the same conditions that existed before the transformation occurred
preoperational child does/does not understand irreversibility
does not-- willpouring liquid from taller glass back to smaller one brings about same amount
sensorimotor stage (Piaget)
infancy - 2 y.o.
learns to coordinate sensory experiences and motor behavior; by 9 mos infant can grab a moving object
preoperational stage (piaget)
age 2
cannot perform full cognitive operations, but shows improvement
concrete operational stage (piaget)
6 y.o.
they reason logically but limited to reasoning about objects that are physically present; begin to develop abstract thinking
formal operational stage (piaget)
reached at age 12; full abstract thinking; can consider contrary facts; consider possibilities and hypothetical questions