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What is 2nd degree heart block?
This delay is such that impulses sometimes do not pass through the AV node. There may be P waves with no corresponding QRS complexes.
The P:QRS ratio may be 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 or greater
What is complete heart block?
P waves do not get through the AV nodes; QRS complexes originate fron an AV node pacemaker(or ventricles) out of synchrony with the P waves.
What are PVCs?
Premature ventricular contractions. These are seen in the ECG as wide, tall, bizarre QRS complexes that arise from ectopic ventricular foci.
What is atrial flutter?
This is a rapid regular succesion of discharges from an ectopic atrial focus, fast enough,(240-360 waves/min that the AV node cannot handle all of them. The ECG has a typical saw-toothed pattern.
What is atrial fibrillation, and how does it compare to atrial flutter?
A-fib consists of weak, not necessarily rapid, irregular discharges from a number of atrial foci. There is no discernible P wave, and QRS intervals are irregularly spaced, due to inconsistent transmission of atrial impulses through the AV node.
What is ventricular tachycardia?
This consists of a series of rapid, bizarre QRS complexes that originate in the ventricles and become the pacemaker of the heart.
What is ventricular fibrillation?
This is a life , terminal arrhythmia consisting of totally disorganized ventricular discharges from multiple ventricular foci. It results in weak, ineffective contractions of the ventricular muscle.