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Explain flow limitation.
Substances crossing the alveolar membrane do not react to substances in the blood and reach equilibrium in less time than it takes for blood to traverse the pulmonary capillaries.
What is another name for flow limitation?
Perfusion limitation
How can flow limitation be overcome?
By increasing blood flow.
Explain diffusion limitation?
Substances react with substances in the blood but equilibrium is not reached in the time it takes for blood to traverse the pulmonary capillaries.
What is the significance of diffusing capacity?
It measurement permits evaluation of the diffusion properties of alveolar capillary membrane by measuring the rate of gas transfer(conductance) by the respiratory system.
What factors affect D(l)?
The diffusion properties of the system(membrane component and the rate of the chemical reaction of the system(blood component)
How is O2 transported in blood?
In arterial blood at Po2 95mm/Hg,
PCo2 at 40mm/Hg and Hb 97% saturated.
What is the normal O2 tension of arterial blood?
In normal adults, what are hemoglobin molecules composed of?
Two alpha and beta chains.
What is heme?
Complex made up of a porphyrin ring and one atom of ferrous iron
What is the role of the ferrous iron(Fe2+)?
Each ferrous iron binds one O2 molecule reversibly.
What is the significance of the iron in heme?
It stays in the ferrous state, so that binding to O2 does not result in its oxidation, but rather in its oxygenation.
How does Hb after the O2 content in blood?
Increases the amount of O2, that is carried in the blood compared to plasma almost 70 fold.
What percentage of O2 in arterial blood is carried by Hb?
define Hg saturation?
Percent of hemoglobin that is combined with O2.
What influences the amount of O2 that combines with hemoglobin?
O2 tension(Po2) or O2 saturation.
What is the upper limit for O2 tension in the body?