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what factors influence the body's temperature set point?
age, health, exercise, time of day
by what processes is heat transferred from tissue/organ to skin?
convection and conduction
by what processes is heat transferred to/from the skin and environment?
radiation, evaporation, convection and conduction
sympathetic mediated vasoconstriction is a response to hot or cold? What neurotransmitter is involved?
cold; norepi
sympathetic vasodilation is a response to hot or cold? what neurotransmitter is involved?
hot; ACh
What causes shivering (more specifically than being cold)
loss of negative regulatory input to the posterior hypothalmus from the preoptic area. signals are then sent to motor neurons
Temperature set point is maintained by the ___________
Core temperature is lowest at what time of day?
night (3AM-6AM)
Core temperature tends to ________ with age
What hormone increases core temperature during the menstrual cycle?
Men tend to have a ________ core body temp. Why?
higher; increased muscle mass
A fan will lower body temp through what heat transfer process?
a cold compress will lower body temperature through what heat transfer process?
the sun warms the body through what heat transfer process?
How are sweat glands trained?
efficiency is increased with exercise. they begin producing more sweat
Where are glomulus bodies located? How do they transfer heat?
Apical skin; passive vasodilation
What neurotransmitter causes vasodilation and sweat production in non-apical skin?
ACh produced by sympathetic innervation
Cold receptors send __________ signals to the preoptic area. The posterior hypothalmus is __________ by the anterior hypothalmus
inhibited; inhibited (inhibiting the inhibitor triggers the shiver reflex)
Pyrogens _______ Tset, Acclimatization ________ Tset.
increases; lowers
acute exercise changes the Tset (true/false)
fever changes the Tset (true/false)