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4 major steps of EXTERNAL RESPIRATION.
which are function of pulmonary system? which are of CV system?
ventilation - gas move from air to alveoli
Diffusion - gas move from alveoli to blood
perfusion - gas move thru lung
Transport - lung to tissue (only one that is of CV system)
Total cross sectional area in cm2 of
alv ducts
which part of the resp pathway has the highest flow velocity?
upper airway
What is TV? normal volume?
Tidal volume - volume inspired w/ NORMAL BREATH
500 mL
IRV? nornmal value?
Inspiratory reserve volume (inspiration w/ full force) 3100 mL
ERV? normal value?
Expiratory reserve volume - max beyond normal expiratory TV - 1200 mL
RV? normal value?
residula volume - left after forceful expiration. 1200 mL
TLC? value?
total lung capacity 6000 mL
whta 2 values does TLC relate to mathematically?
IC? normal value?
inspiratory capcity - total volume that can be pulled in 3600 mL
What 2 values does Inspiratory Capacity relate to?
obstructive/restrictive, alveo-capillary block, VQ mismatch/hypoxemia, ischemia/anemia
a - obstructive/restrictive
b - alv-cap block
c - V-Q/hypoxemia
d -ischemia/anemia
FRC? normal value?
Functional residual capacity - total in lungs after a normal, tidal expiration - 2400 mL
what 2 values does FRC relate to?
VC? normal value?
Vital capacity - maximum a person can expel after lungs completely filled - 4600 mL
what 2 values does VC relate to?
What is Respiratory minute volume (RMV) equal to?
Vt x resp rate
What is Va? how does it relate to RMV?
it is the value of what actually goes into lungs
= (Vt -ADS) x Resp Rate
What is the volume of air used by the Anatomic dead space?
150 ml
What effect does the SNS have on bronhioles?
the pns?
sns - dilation
pns - constrict
a - yes - rings
b - yes - plates
c - no
d - no
d - yes
e - yes
f - yes
g - no
h - Interalv dependence/surfactant
a - 500
b - 3100
c - 1200
d - 1200
e - 6000
f - 3600
g - 2400
h - 4600
a - TV
b - IRV
c - ERV
d - RV
e - TLC
f - IC
g - FRC
h - VC