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angina pectoris
severe chest pain
small branch of an artery
carries blood away from the heart
AV valves
seperate atruims and ventricles
a chamber or cavity in heart
bicuspid valve
between left atrium and left ventricle
vessels that connect arterioles and venules
cardiac output
volume of blood pumped by one ventricle per minute
combined external cardiac massage and artificial respiration
coronary circulation
delivery of oxygen and removal of waste from myocardium
diastolic pressure
blood pressure in arteries during diastole of heart
ductus arteriosus
connects aorta and pulmanary artery
ductus venosus
continuation of umbillical vein
graphic record of heart's action
inflammation of the lining of the heart
tissue lining the chambers
(visceral pericardium) covers the surface of heart
formen ovale
sends blood from the right atrium directly to the left atrium
hepatic portal circulation
route of blood flow to liver
P wave
right atrium depolarizing (systole)
QRS wave
ventricles depolarize and impulse travels through Av node , aorta, bundle of his, and perkenjie fibers
T wave
Repolarization of ventricles
Av valves
semi-lunar valves
Drop of blood essay
venule, vein, superior vena cava, right atrium, tricuspid valve, right ventriclem chordae tendenae contract and valve closes, pressure pushes blood through pulm. semi lunar valve to pulm. artery, the valve closing causes the lub sound, pulm. system, to the pulm vein, left atrium, bicuspid/mytril valve, left ventrical, aortic semi lunar valve, aorta, coronary arteries feed the myocardium and dumps into coronary sinus and right atrium, ventricles relax or repolarize, the dup sound happens when the blood hits the semi lunar valves